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Hi. I'm flying from YOW to LHR arriving terminal 2 at 10:40am. I have then booked a seperate ticket to Prague with KLM departing terminal 4 at 5:10pm. My questions are, how do I get to terminal 4 from 2 and I'm assuming I have plenty of time with over 6hrs (presuming flights are on time). I know will have to connect bags, go through immigration, security etc. I'm mainly concerned about getting to terminal 4 from 2.
Thank you!
How can I go from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3? I saw your website said I need to go through secure side shuttle bus, Where is shuttle bus inside Terminal 2?

I was wondering if anybody could help me with a query I have in relation to a connecting flight?

I am due to fly from MAN (9:40am) - LHR (10:50am) on 02/09/2017 to connect to my flight LHR - DFW (11:55am). As there is only 1hr 5mins time in between landing from Manchester and take off for Dallas, I am a little worried that I won't have enough time to get from A to B and I am very unaware of the process after landing.

Can anybody tell me what to expect after exiting the aircraft? The only information I can find on BA's website is that once we are in the terminal, we follow signs to the flight connection centre, pick up a boarding pass (if we have already printed these, do I still need to go to the BA desk?), have a biometric picture taken (I think) and then find our gate. Is this correct or is there additional security screening etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance from a very anxious, 1st time international flyer.
Your suggestion on how to transfer from T4 to T2
My partner is a very slow walker. How long does it take to get between 2A and 2B at London Heathrow? Many thanks.
How close are Terminals 2 and 3
We are traveling by American Airlines from Mumbai India to US with a stop at LHR for next flight connection.
Terminal 3 to Terminal 5
Would like to know if we need Transit visa for this change of flight at LHR.
Looking at a BA flight from New Orleans to Athens. Connection at LHR, I assume terminal 5.
Do I go through passport control at LHR, or Athens?
Is a 1 hour connection enough time?
Thank you for your time.
need directions arriving from british airways coming from rome, connecting to americal airlines flight #109 to los angeles.
i am going from Abu Dhabi (AUH) to London (LHR) then a connection flight to USA , i am asking , can i take a laptop with me on the airplane because i am basically going to USA from london , and i booked the connections flight all together .
The UK has the same ban the US does.
but UK dont ban the laptops from Abu Dhabi (AUH)