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Arriving & Checking In at Stansted Airport,  Terminal Layout & Details, and Domestic & International connections :

 Arrival Time & check-in at Stansted AirportBefore leaving for the Airport, recheck (online or by phone) the departure time of your flight by contacting your airline. You should be arriving at the check-in counter prior to your scheduled departure (rechecking the screens upon your arrival) for:
- 3 hrs: long-haul flights 3 hrs (El Al: 3.5 hrs); and all charter flights;
- 2 hrs: Europe, UK & Ireland; 
- 1 hr (at least!) on-line check-in;
Self-service kiosks for Air Berlin are at check-in Zone A; for Ryanair at check-in Zones F & J.
A new hi-tech boarding pass system ('Smart Access' scanners) replaced manual boarding pass checks.

TERMINAL DETAILS:  (For Customer Service & Feedback call 0330 333 03 04). The new curved-screen 39ft NanoLumens visualization system offers flight info & Airport updates, along with advertisement.

London Stansted International Airport has presently one large passenger terminal, divided into Check-in & Domestic Arrivals with new 'Meet & Greet' area, International Arrivals & Departures, and the Departure Lounge. 
- The Terminal completed its huge transformation project, showing significant improvements, including: 
A new security search area, additional lanes, and  dedicated channels for fast-track, families, and special need passengers. A new World Duty Free area leads to the new International Departure Lounge.  There is a new Escape Lounge (below the main departures area), while new food & drink brands were added. New shopping areas with 16 new retail shops opened.
- In order to upgrade passenger service and security
- MAG (the airport operator) implemented a number of new projects, which  include security search area changes,  500 more seats at main departure lounge, new 'Meet & Geet' waiting areas & short-term parking spaces.
- The introduction of central imaging processing (CIP) involves relocation of hand baggage x-ray review process to a central location. (13 of the current 22 security lanes will have CIP technology  (some of which have been completed) - while the redesigned entrance to the security search area is to be completed late Fall 2016.
- Ryanair has a new pay-as-you-visit business lounge.

   The Ground level - Check-in & Domestic Arrivals area has (from left to right) Check-in Zones A through K (marked by yellow cubes), an BT Openzone area, Left luggage/ Lost & Found; Foreign Exchange (Moneycorp), outsized baggage, repacking area, special assistance desk, our operators, cash machine, domestic arrivals, food & drink establishments, shops, and Fast Track & Security checks 2 to 8 leading to the departure lounge and gates 1 through 99.
   The International Arrivals area
has 7 baggage carousels, one of which is for oversized baggage, and a baggage enquiry desk. It also has Customs, passport control & a shower. In the International arrivals concourse are rental car desks, currency exchange, Information desk, Burger King & Costa Coffee, duty-free, Spar & WHSmith. Outside is an escalator from the car park & train station. From the exit you have access to the car park, bus & train stations.
   The Departure lounge area has a large choice of shops and some food & drink establishments. It also offers an Airline information desk, BT Openzone area, Moneycorp exchange, TV area, cash machine, a shower, security checkpoints and access to gates 81-90 via pier, to gates 1-19 & 20-39 via transit; and, past ‘Pret A Manger’, the departures route to gates 40-59. The new International Departure Lounge is accessible via the nw World Duty-free area.. The new Escape Lounge is located below the main departures area. .

Domestic & International Connections:
 - If you arrive on an international flight, you will need the proper documents for British entry, as you have to pass through passport control & Immigration, regardless of whether your connecting flight is a domestic or an international one.
 - If you connect from a UK flight to an international flight, you may have to show our passport when passing through special immigration control.
 - If you stop over between connecting flights, you will have to exit the airport after passport control, baggage reclaim & Customs, and then check in timely for your onward flight. Keep in mind that Stansted Airport does not allow overnight stays and you will have to make arrangements for a hotel stay.