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On the tarmac in SLC and pilot shuts down engine bc ground stop. 🤔
will 45 mins be enough time to change from a United Vancouver -lax to lax - Houston flight assuming the flight is on time. am using points so i have little control over which flights i take. thank you
Yes, you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver. All you have to do in LAX is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate, both in Terminal 7/8.
hi there - ive read we can store our bags in koru club whilst having a 10 hour layover in la.........can anyone confirm that this is safe enough - thanks.
Im flying from Japan to Lax, I have 3 hours till my next flight will that be enough time to collect my luggage go through passport control and make my connecting flight to Atlanta
Your site states no delay. Almost every flight IS delayed. AA 170 to Vegas delayed over 110 minutes. Should have left at 1400hrs
The FAA never issued a Ground Delay or Ground Stop Program for LAX. That's what the site reports. For more advanced delay analytics, look at a site that specializes in that such as or
Please advise on time to reach LAX Terminal B in order to be in time for SQ11 flight departing at 15:45pm to Narita.
You should arrive at the airport between 12:45 and 13:15
Arriving on Delta fr HNL and need to get to Virgin Atlantic in term 2. Are there shuttles?
Yes, there is a shuttle that runs on the lower level outside security.
We plan on flying to S. Korea this THU (March 24) from LAX and was wondering if there were any extended delays because of security reasons. How much extra time should we give ourselves?
There are no changes to security. The only difference is more security guards/police in the lobbies.
We will be arriving from BNA at terminal 6 and going on to Hawaii from terminal 2. What is the quickest way to make it to terminal 2 and will we have to leave the terminal area and come back through security?
Yes, you will have to exit security and go back through security. The fastest way way is to walk straight across the parking garages, but there is also a shuttle bus that runs on the lower level.
Will we have to do anything with our checked luggage? Or will American arrange for it to be taken to Hawaiian Airlines?
You will have to claim it from American and take it to Terminal 2 to re-check.
My wife and I are flying from Cancun to Lax. Will we go through customs in Cancun or Lax? Thank you.
If you are flying nonstop you will go through US Immigration and Customs in LAX.