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how much for a day rate at terminal 5
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how much for handicap parking for lax
I want to pick up my wife flying in Copa from Panama ( CM 472) arriving , 08/03/17 at 5:35 pm.
Where is the best place to park
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where do I park for easy access to the United Baggage Claim?
The closest garage to the United Baggage Claim is P7 -
Flight will be arriving tomorrow night, according to Copa, at Terminal B. What would be closes parking lot?
Hi. We are arriving Christmas morning in Terminal 5 - don't know how jammed the shuttles will be and need to get to our car as fast as possible. What is the closest lot and is it walkable?
Parking Garages are right across from each of the terminals.
I want pick up a friend at baggage claim area. He is arriving on Delta. Where do I park in order to get out of my car and go in to meet him?
At LAX you have two options - (a) the free cell phone lot - (free for up to 2 hours) located adjacent to the southwest corner of Economy Parking Lot C, or a quarter-mile from 96th Street Bridge entrance into the LAX terminal complex; stay with your car until your party has picked up luggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb of the Central Terminal area. (b) the parking garage across from Terminal 5, where Delta arrives.