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I am flying from Honolulu Hawaiian Airlines to New York with a connection in LAX airport. There is a one hour layover - is this enough time?
Yes, that should be enough time if the first flight is on-time.
We will be flying Delta/Airfrance from Atl to Ppt. Changing planes in Lax. Can someone please explain the best way to go from terminal 2 or 3 to terminal B?
Delta runs a shuttle bus from T2 and T3 to the International Terminal inside security. That would be the easiest way.
Thanks! Do you know if we have to go through security again?
If you take the Delta shuttle bus you don't have to. If you walk between terminals, you do.

Thank you!
We have just had a flight time change which now leaves us with only 1.5hrs between domestic flights/ First flight is Delta from HNL into terminal 2 and second flight is Southwest from terminal 1. It is early in the morning on a Saturday (between 5:30am and 7am).
Will we have enough time with checked bags? Would it assist to buy the Southwest early bird check-in and just do bag drop? It is mostly security lines that worry me!
That should be just enough time if the Delta flight is on-time. If you check in online Early Bird or not Early Bird won't affect the speed of checking bags.
We are booking a flight for Hawaii and both our incoming and outbound flights are on United. They scheduled us for a 35 minute transfer time. Will this be enough to to switch from one plane to the next?
That is enough time if the first flight is on-time.
Hi, we are flying from MCO to LAX (by American) then to Xiamen,China (by Xiamen Air). Since these are two different flights, do we need to claim all our luggages in LA and go through security again? We only have 2.5 hours layover time in LAX. Thanks!!
Yes, you will have to claim your bags in Terminal 4 or 5 where you arrive, take them to the International Terminal and re-check them with Xiamen AIr, then go through security and to your departure gate. You have enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Thank you!
We will arrive at 9am from Southwest Airline and our light to Japan is at 10:45am. Do we have enough time?
That's barely enough time if everything goes perfectly. You'll have to transfer any checked bags between airlines yourself.
We are flying United from Boston to Lax then lax to Sydney in March. We have a 42 minute layover. Is this enough? Do we need to recheck bags ourselves ?
Yes, that is enough time. You don't have to do anything with your bags in LAX on the way to Australia.
We have a confirmed reservation with AA for our flight from ATL-LAX which will arrive at 8:53am. I have to book an international flight to the Philippines, thinking of Philippine Airlines which will depart at 12:30pm. We need to claim our baggage and re check it to PAL. Is 3hours&37 minutes layover enough to do all that and not miss the international flight? Thanks!
Yes, that should be enough time if the AA flight is anywhere close to on-time.
We will be arriving to LAX on SW at 11 am and flying out on Air Tahiti at 11:40 pm. We will have to collect our luggage after getting off SW and check it again with Air Tahiti. If we left the airport for a few hours do we have to take our luggage or can we check it that early with Air Tahiti? Would you recommend staying at the airport, if so any good places to eat? First time to LAX so any info/tips would be great! Thanks
Air Tahiti Nui's check in desk doesn't open until around 9 PM. There are no good places to eat at LAX outside security. Take a taxi to Santa Monica and take your bags with you. This is exactly what I did on my honeymoon. It's a lot of time to kill, but at least it ensures you won't miss your flight to Tahiti.
Great idea, thank you!
Zap, I've been looking at things to do in Santa Monica and was wondering when we should leave to head back to the airport? What time is traffic horrible and how long does that last? Thanks in advance for your help!
Traffic is particularly bad from 5-7. We left at about 7 and it took us less than half an hour to get to LAX, we were still there well before the Air Tahiti Nui check-in desk opened.
Wonderful, thank you!
Landing with Qantas from AUS at LAX at 6:25am on a Sunday. Flying with Qantas to JFK at 8:20am. Will I be able to clear customs and recheck my bag in time?

Still waiting for my global entry to clear so I likely won't have it by then... which could have been a game changer.
Yes, that should be enough time.