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LAX Gate Connections DISCUSSION

im arriving at 8:55am on Delta in terminal 2 and departing again with delta at terminal 3 at 9:35am will i have enough time to make m y flight? i wont have to check any bags
Arriving LAX on an AirFrance flight (operated by DL) from Paris and have a connection to MCI on SW - how do I get there? What terminals do I arrive on and depart from
I arrive with United at Terminal 8 and want to get to Terminal 2 without having to go thru security again. What is the quickest way to do this? I have a five hour layover so plenty of time. Thanks.
Arriving into LAX from Miami on American Airlines at Terminal 4 and need to connect to American Eagle to San Diego. Is there a way to do this easily? I have 2 hour layover in LAX.
If I arrive at LAX on Alaska Airlines (terminal 6 I believe) and transfer to Fiji Airlines at the international terminal can I do this without going through security a second time?
Did you ever get an answer? I have the same question.
I found there is a way, downloading map of LAX terminals there is a walkway, go to the LAX website and you can find it
I tried to attach a pdf here but could not for some reason
Hi, I arrive into T7 with united from Hosuton and fly out to Australia from Tom Bardley (2:50 minutes later) will this be enough time to collect my baggage, transfer and re check in for international flight? I have a young family as well.
Older woman, traveling alone flying in to LAX on S.W.Air. Separate ticket. Then departing LAX on BA to LHR.
Please advise as to how to proceed from Arrival to Departure with luggage.
I know nothing of the LAX airport facilities.
Will be arriving on suthwest need to get Hawaiian airlines how do we get from one terminal to the other
2/19/19 Scheduled to arrive on Delta at T2 at 9:10a.m. - connecting TBIT Korean Air departs 10:50am. We understand we have to leave secured area in T2 and go back through TSA in TBIT. Is this enough time to make the connecting flight?
Connecting airport is LAX - sorry didn't mention that in post as I thought is was a LAX forum.
we have 2 hours for transfer from AA flight from Auckland NZ to AA flight to Boston. Is that eniufg?