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Is there a customs facility in terminal 7? I'm supposed to meet my party outside of customs. Their plane arrives in terminal 7. I'm wondering where is the best place to meet them. I'll be flying into terminal 1.
I forgot to add that party is coming on international flight. I should have asked if terminal 7 has both immigration and customs.
Yes, the main airline in Terminal 7 is British Airways, so yes, it has immigration and customs.
Sorry, for some reason I thought you were asking about JFK. T7 at LAX also has immigration and Customs, but it shares it with Terminal 6, so the exit of customs is sort of in between T6 and T7.
Very helpful. Thank you
I'm thinking of flying from Taipei arriving at TBIT at 9.20 PM and needs to go to Terminal 2 to fly on Sun Country leaving at 11.55 PM. Will the transit time of 2 hrs 35 mins be enough? Thank you. I am a US Citizen and this will be one ticket.
That is enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Hello, arriving from Honolulu on American Airlines Sunday July 2 in Terminal 4 at 350 p.m.. Departing @ 505 on Westjet to calgary in terminal 2. I understand that Westjet and American now codeshare so I believe we would not have to pick up our bags in LA. Too tight or enough time? Please let me know!. Many thanks,
Even if your bags are checked through (which American is not obligated to do if it's two separate reservations), then it's still very difficult.
My flight from Vancouver Canada to LAX (Westjet) has been landing at TBIT, although I know I clear immigration on the Canadian. Do you have to do so again at TBIT? Also, how long to take the tunnels from TBIT to Terminal 5?
And to add, this is TBIT Gate 212...is this an overflow gate? If so, how long to get from this gate to Terminal 5?
Gate 212 is a remote gate. If you arrive there you will be bussed to Terminal 2, like a normal Westjet arrival. To get to Terminal 5 you'll need to walk or take the bus outside security and then go through security in T5.
Thank you. If we land at tbit212, bus to t2 and walk to t5 (one ticket so no immigration and no bag pick up but have to re do security), is 2 hours enough of a connection?
It should be.
We arrive into LAX on a Virgin flight from Australia at 9:00am. We are then flying on to NYC - how long should we allow between flights for the transfer? Is 3 hours enough? Also if we book a domestic Virgin flight, will they check our bags all the way through (we used frequent flyer points to book the SYD > LAX part, hence why we will have two separate bookings). Thanks
3 hours is what I recommend. You will have to transfer the bags yourself since it's two separate bookings (you'd also have to claim your bags to bring them through US Customs at LAX anyway).
Hi , I am flying in on AA from NZ landing at 6.25am. My connecting flight to Fort Lauderdale is with Virgin America from Terminal 3 at 10.10am. Is this enough time for immigration and customs etc and to make the flight. Thanks
Mean't to say I am in business class, will this make it quicker?
Yes, that should be enough time. Note that you will have to take your bags yourself to Terminal 3 to re-check them with Virgin America.
Thank you very much for your help.
will i make a connecting flight arriving on United airlines terminal 6 at 10:20 AM and departing on American airlines terminal 5 at 12::35PM out of LAX I still need to claim my luggages and check in to American Airlines
United Airlines no longer uses Terminal 6. They use 7 and 8 and the baggage claim will be in 7. American does not use Terminal 5. They use 4 and 6. You have barely enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I am flying from MSP to LAX on Spirit Airlines landing at 5:57pm and need to go on United to MRY on 6:50 pm. Will that be enough time?
With checked baggage that is pretty much impossible. With no checked bags you'll have to check in to your United flight online before leaving MSP and RUN and hope your Spirit flight is on-time.
I will fly with Virgin America from SFO to LAX and arrive at LAX at 7:59pm. And I need to make a connection with Latam international flight at 9:30pm. Do you thinkI have enough time to make my connection? Any shuttle or transportation that I can take from domestic to international airport? Thank you!
With checked bags on two separate reservations i think that is pretty much impossible.
Hello, I have about 40 mins between flights from Virgin to Southwest. Do you think I have enough time? Also which way should I go in LAX,
You have pretty much no chance of making that connection. Even with no checked bags. You need to change your Southwest flight.