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Hello, two of us will be flying from Santa Rosa to LAX. Ultimately, we need to get to terminal 1 to board a completely separate flight on Southwest. We can fly into LAX on American (T4) or Alaska Airlines (T6), both will arrive same time. Which terminal will allow me to get to terminal one in the shortest amount of time? We will only have carryon baggage but will have to go through security again. Thank you!
Only Alaska flies from Santa Rosa to LAX. The flight you are seeing on American is the exact same flight. It arrives in Terminal 6.
Okay, thanks! I kind of wondered and thought that to be the case as it Didn't seem feasible to have two flights from such a small airport.
There is a free Airlines Connection bus that moves counterclockwise through the terminal, stopping at all terminals.
Flying into LAX from Australia & would like to connect to United to fly to NY leaving at 12.05pm. Will this be enough time? Where do we need to go to connect please
I don't know. What time are you arriving? What airline are you arriving on?
Flying from Mel - LA with Virgin International.
G'day. You didn't indicate your arrival time into LAX or state if you are flying on a combined ticket or two separate tickets. You will arrive at TBIT (Tom Bradley Int'l. Terminal). You clear immigration and customs. At this point there are two scenarios:
1. You have a joint Virgin/United ticket and your bag tags say "EWR" (Newark). You proceed to Airline Connections desk and leave your checked luggage with them. OR
2. You have two separate tickets. In this case, you have to transfer your bags yourself and check in again at United Terminal 7+8.
If it's #1, you can board a free bus (Airline Connections) to take you to T7+8. If it's #2, you can board the bus, but you may find it easier to just walk (turn RIGHT upon leaving TBIT) to T7+8. To save time, consider using curbside check in at United on the UPPER (departures) level. You can skip the queue at the check-in counter, and they can issue you a boarding pass. It is customary to tip the guys $2/piece of luggage checked, but well worth the money. Then go directly to security and then to your gate.
Flying in to LAX from Australia, arrive 9am. I need to connect to Southwest to Chicago, departure 12.30pm. Will this be enough time & where do I need to go please
Yes, that should be just enough time. You will arrive in the International Terminal, go through US Immigration Claim your bags, and go through US Customs, then take your bags with you to Terminal 1, re-check your bags with Southwest, and go through security and to your departure gate.
There is a continuous pedestrian sidewalk between International and T1, which is three terminals from International moving clockwise through the oval-shaped airport layout---as you leave International, the first terminal to your left is T3, then T2, then T1. Fifteen minute walk with a luggage trolley. You are eligible to use curbside check-in at T1 since you will be at that point a domestic passenger. They can take your luggage and usually issue a boarding pass. It is customary to tip $2 per piece of luggage handled. This saves lots of time, since you can go directly to security. This amenity is on the UPPER level, so you'll need to use escalators or elevators at some point to reach upper level (there are elevators in the post-Customs lobby of International that take you to upper level).
Hi, we are travelling in from Las Vegas on a Delta airlines flight and catching a flight from LA to Honolulu, there is only 55 minutes between the flights. Is this enough time? Will we need to go through security, immigration or collect our baggage? I believe that we are booked on a through ticket. Do you know what terminal we will fly into from Las Vegas and what terminal we will fly out to Honolulu?
Yes, that is enough time. Nevada, California, and Hawaii are all located in the United States, so there is no US Immigration when traveling between them. All flights will be in Terminal 5. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Delta uses Terminal 1-D at Las Vegas. At LAX, Delta uses both Terminals 5 and 6. If you arrive at 5 and depart from 6, or vice versa, there is an underground tunnel (ask for directions from a Delta employee) that allows you to change terminals without going through security again. 55 minutes is enough, but if you have to change between Terminals 5 and 6, you will need to move briskly. As others have commented, this is a domestic journey, so no customs or immigration checks.
It's been a long time since I've been through LAX. It's a Qantas flight from Calgary to Vancouver to LAX to Brisbane. The Cal-Van-LAX portion is operated by WestJet. At LAX we change to Qantas. We arrive at Terminal 2 and depart from Terminal B. Do we still need to collect bags and go through US customs (always boggles my mind - we're not staying there)? Or are bags checked through, no need to collect, and we go through an "in transit' area?
You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver. If your bags are checked through you don't need to claim your bags in LAX. You will go to the International Terminal and through security.
If you are flying on a single ticket, check in at Calgary should be able to tag your bags all the way through to Bris. You will claim them at Vancouver and there pre-clear US immigration/customs. You will then tender your checked bags back to the airline, which will transfer them at LAX for you. Your arrival at LAX will be treated as a domestic flight. You simply leave the terminal, turn right, and walk counterclockwise along the oval road that connects the terminals. International will be two terminals to your right. Check in at Calgary should be able to print all of your boarding passes. If not, the Qantas desk at LAX can help you. If you already have your boarding pass, simply proceed to security at the International Terminal and on to your gate. You will not have any immigration/customs formalities at LAX.
I have a Qantas flight Lax to Sydney on 31 st August departing at 10.30pm. I need to book a domestic flight from Las Vegas to Lax on 31 st August. I'll be booking the domestic flight with Delta or American. I would like tto know how much time I will need to pick up my bags and checkin in st the tom Bradley international terminal and clear security? Is 2 hours and 15 minutes enough or would I need at least 3 hours.?
I would want at least 3 hours to be safe.
agree, three hours to be safe. American uses T4, adjacent to International, and Delta is one terminal beyond that at T5. All within easy walking distance. If you had a joint Qantas-American ticket, you could leave your checked bags at the Airline Connections desk just outside of Customs. However, it sounds as if you have two separate tickets. Just walk with your luggage trolley to T4, by turning RIGHT after leaving the terminal. You may use curbside check in (since technically you will be a domestic passenger by that point) on the UPPER level. It is customary to tip $2/piece of luggage, but you save time by not waiting to check in at a counter. Usually they can also issue your boarding pass, then you go straight to security. In the reverse direction, there is now a security walkway between T4 and International, so connecting passengers may walk directly to International (behind security) without having to go through security again.
oops I misread your post, thought you were flying Oz to USA. Definitely use American, if possible, since its terminal (T4) is adjacent to International. Claim your bags, wheel your trolley to the LEFT to International and check in at Qantas. If you were on a combined AA-Qantas ticket, you could check your bags from Vegas to Sydney and simply walk from T4 via the new connecting walkway to International, without clearing security again. But on separate tickets you need to claim bags and walk the short way to International. Three hours will be plenty of time.
I am flying AA from Hong Kong to Minneapolis, layover 1hr 45 mins. I booked my ticket online through CheapOAir. Can i check in my luggage in HK and claim my luggage at Minneapolis, so I have enoughgh time for the transit in LAX?
In LAX you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and to your departure gate. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
The AA terminal (T4) is adjacent to the International Terminal. As you exit International Terminal, turn to your right and the next building will be T4. 1 hr 45 min is tight but you should make it.

Is 1 hr 45 mins enough time for us to transit? Will be on AA from Hong Kong to LAX and transit to Minneapolis with AA as well. We plan to only take a carry on luggage.
That should be enough time
If I fly from chicago at 4.50pm and land in LA at 7.55pm will I have enough time to get an international flight to Sydney at 10.35pm?
Yes, that should be enough time, especially if both flights are on the same reservation.
Chicago to LA is with frontier airlines,and LA to Sydney is with Virgin Australia so they are not on same reservation. Do you still think we have enough time?
Then I think it will be very difficult as you will have to claim your bags, take them to Virgin Australia to re-check them, go through security and to your departure gate.
We are returning to th US from Tahiti on Air Tahiti Nui at 10:10 and taking a flight to Tokyo at 12:05
We both have global entry and only carry on luggage - Do you think 2 hours are enough? Do we have to go through security? TIA
Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, Customs, and then go to your departure terminal (if not the International Terminal), then go through security. It's just enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Thanks for the quick reply!!! If JAL also operates out of TBI, do I need to go through security? Sorry if this is repeat,,,just going to avoid going thru the hassle
Yes, you still have to go through security.