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Have kids landing at LAX at 1pm Thursday and wanted to know how long it would take them to clear customs.
When did Airport Police take over security screening lost and found? I lost my phone on 10-10-18..leaving it in a bin at security screening.. everything online to include this site says to contact TSA Lost and found - after a lot of time and cost(I am overseas) -- I am told that TSA no longer does this -- I have to go to a police station in a town that I do not live in ---yet all of the wonderful reviews of the system as it was as well as procedures are online... when did it change?
We are landing in LAX from Hong Kong at 2:25 pm. Will I make it on time for my LAX to San Diego flight at 4:40? We will have 2 checked bags.
is there a way for my wife could get special assistance when she gets to the airport she is easily confused and she has a tendency of getting lost easily she is leaving 10/2/2018 at 7:25 pm on flight 1992
Hi, I'm booking a flight that is supposed to land at 5pm on a Tuesday. Is there enough time to make a 6:30pm dinner at Crossroads in Beverly Hills?
I lost my phone at LAX airport on August 14h. Do you have any idea which lost and found office I can contact? Thanks in advance.
My friend and I are coming in a different terminals in Lax. She is arriving on Alaska, I will be arriving on American Airlines. We will be renting a car at Hertz. Is it best to try to meet up at airport or Hertz?
Arriving on Qantas in August connecting to JFK ... how long to pass through customs?
I am sure Qantas have covered this as they would not put us on a connecting flight with no time to pass through surely or is there staff to hurry the process on?
Hi, I will arrive at TBIT with Emirates flight number EK 215 at 13:55. My next flight is with American Airline to San Diego at 16:40. Will that be enough time to collect my baggage, go through customs and make the flight on time?
Are there porters / skycabs help for Delta other than for the Delta Sky club?
This is for a domestic flight.
I needed this information by today, flight is today in 2 hours !!!