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I am coming from Houston, Texas via Southwest Airline Flight. After claiming my baggage, please tell me how to go to the Outgoing Passengers Departures Check-in Counters, particularly EVA Air.
Hello - We land via UAL International (from Cancun) at 8:30pm and need to get to SWA terminal for 9:40pm flight? Any chance we can make the flight considering we wont be running? Thanks!
i am landing 9am from Australia on virgin airlines. roughly how long wil we be in checkout so we can organize hire car
Immigration, Baggage Claim, and Customs will likely take 45 minutes to an hour, so I'd guess you'd be out between 9:45 and 10.
thanks that helps heaps
We are arriving at 9am and would like to know how much time to allow to book a hire car
thank you so much
Where are you coming from? What airline?
Hello, flying Australia>LAX via Qantas with 6:35am arrival time. What is a realistic time to clear international customs? I am being picked up and want to give a somewhat realistic time for my driver.
I think 7:15 would be a rough estimate of when you would be coming out.
Thanks for your best guess.
hi, flying Australia>lax via qantas with 6:30am arrival. can I make an 8:15am flight with southwest airlines? do I have enough time to clear international customs and re-check baggage? separate reservationS and check in baggage required. thanks in advance!
No, that's not realistically enough time. You need a bare minimum of 2.5 hours, preferably a little more.
thanks for the prompt response. I will change for a 9:23am AA flight instead. thanks !
We fly into LAX at 12.35pm from Australia (air NZ). Will we have enough time to get to a 3.30pm delta or AA to Orlando? It’ll be separate bookings and will have checked baggage
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly. You'll have to transfer your bags to your departure terminal yourself.
Im travelling from Singapore to LAX arriving at 7.30am. And catching another flight to SFO from LAX at 9am. Its 2 separate reservations and i have bags to checked in. Do i have enough time?
That's really risky. I'd get a later flight to SFO. Probably nothing before 10:30.
Thanks. Do i have to transfer my own bags to the next flight?
What airlines are you flying? Most of the time when flying on two separate reservations you do have to transfer your bags yourself.
I'm flying from Australia to LAX landing at 7:35a with connecting flight to Texas at 9:10a. Is this enough time to go through customs and still make my flight?
What airlines are you flying? Is it all the same reservation or two separate reservations?
Same Airline - same reservation
Delta Airlines
Yes, that should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
thank you! this is super useful and helpful!
I am arriving LAX at 10:00 pm from Costa Rica. I have a connection to Portland Oregon at 11:55 pm. Trying to determine whet her to carryon or check bag. How much additional time does it take through customs if I have to wait for luggage?
It might add 10-15 minutes. If it's all one reservation I think you'd be OK checking. If it's two separate reservations I'd lean towards not checking.