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Lost Jacket (Dark Blue exterior) with Tan Inside Collar with a Label indicating either a (Ralph Loren or a Calvin Klein), Date: September 21, 2019, Time: 5:30 am to 7:10 am., Location: "Departure, TSA, Starbucks" areas. Owner: Victor Torres flight from Lubbock to Houston, TX.
I've been trying to quit smoking by using a vape. I'm wondering if having a vape pen in my luggage will cause any problems...?
Congrats and good luck. I quit 5 years ago using a vape. Still using it though.
I fly all the time all over the US. You need to carry any batteries in your carryon. Pack them so they cannot short against anything.
Any batteries have to be packed in your carryon, not checked luggage.
Were a pair of lime green & black glasses turned in last Sunday?
This is not the airport or any airline's website.
Oh. Well. Guess the Lbb Preston Smith International airport header is a bit misleading then.