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Hello, I was wondering, I was traveling to South Korea through American Airlines on 02 Feb 2020 and I lost my iPod nano, gray with a old sport band on it, I was wondering if anyone found it by any chance? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
Looking to see if there are discounts for flying when there has been a death in the family
TSA checked my carry on bag due to my Toms Toothpaste. They took out my hairdryer and I think they forgot to pack it back in my bag. My wife and I were on American Airlines flight 2681 from LBB to DFW at 8:06 AM.
Please let me know if it is there in TSA's pile of items.
David Simonak
Lost Jacket (Dark Blue exterior) with Tan Inside Collar with a Label indicating either a (Ralph Loren or a Calvin Klein), Date: September 21, 2019, Time: 5:30 am to 7:10 am., Location: "Departure, TSA, Starbucks" areas. Owner: Victor Torres flight from Lubbock to Houston, TX.
Hello, I have hair extensions with the the little metal clips. I am flying from Lubbock to Austin this month and I was wondering if anyone knows if it would be okay to wear the extensions through security. Thanks!
It's not illegal, but you may require hand-inspection.