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Is 2hrs enough time between Intercaribbean flight from EIS to united airlines flight to Chicago at San Juan airport?
arriving delta flt. at 1:38 - connecting to intercaribbean - to beef island ( tortola ) departing 2:35 - tight schedule - carry on luggage - wheel chair assist - any electric carts from concourse to concourse?
I am booking travel for colleagues to a conference in St. Kitts, they are Peruvian nationals flying from Peru, do they need a transit visa to connect flights in Puerto Rico or not?
Have a flight on 30JUN EIS to SJU with Seaborne (as an AA codeshare), and connecting to AA on to Charlotte. I've inquired of AA if we clear customs in SJU and was told no the yes the 2nd time. We are traveling with 11 people (family), and have a connection time from 1:15pm-2:37pm, will we clear customs in SJU and if so, is this enough time for that? thx
Hi-I'm unfamiliar with the airport. Is there enough connection time? Arriving in SJU on Air Antilles at 1:15pm Sat July 21...then connecting to Seaborne SJU to Tortola (EIS) leaving at 3:10pm. And would we go through immigration, customs, and then go back to the ticket gates to check in to that Seaborne flight? Which terminals would we come in on Air Antilles and leave on Seaborne? Thank you for any info!!
Need map from Southwest Airlines terminal to cape air terminal, flying to Mayaguez. Have about an hour and half to get to cape air and are they close to each other?
That's just enough time if everything goes smoothly. Even though SJU uses the term "Terminals" they are really just different concourses of the same terminal.
We are flying from BOS-SJU-STX in August. The 2nd leg of our trip down just got changed and leaves us with a 31 minute layover...which is unreasonable IMO but they continue to sell tickets this way for the ENTIRE summer. There are no other flight options with them on a single ticket. Anyways, has anyone had experience with them holding a flight since we would already be checked in? We are traveling as a family of 6, my dad is in a wheelchair so by default we are always last off the plane. The other issue is that our luggage would likely not make it - not a big issue but dad has a power wheelchair he has to check.

Other options include waiting for another schedule change that HOPEFULLY would be beneficial, or cancelling and changing to AA.

Are u able to walk between terminal B & D and avoid security?
Yes, you can.
We have 1 person in a wheelchair. Does the airport have the electric carts that can transport serveral people from terminal to terminal? We might be pressed for time if our Southwest flight runs late, all carry on luggage, thanks
I meant concourse to concourse
Trying to figure out how best to get home from the Virgin Islands on a Wednesday in July. Will have a checked bag.

Better to:
STT - SJU on Jet Blue. 1 hour 42 minute connection to American Airlines. (separate itinerary)

EIS - SJU on Seabourne. 2 hour 15 minute connection to AA (has AA code share but AA says they do not tranfers luggage to Seabourne so will have to retrieve and will have to clear customs in SJU, correct? (This option is about $200 more)

They're pretty much the same.
We are flying from STT to SJU on Seaborne and connecting onto another Seaborne flight from SJU to SXM. The connecting time is 1:20h. Is that enough time to connect with carry on bags only? Does Seaborne operate all domestic and international flights to and from the same terminal? And what terminal does Seaborne Airlines use? Will they check our passports in STT or SJU?
Thanks in advance!
Yes, that should be enough time. Yes, both flights will be essentially in the same area. They will check your passport in SJU when you BOARD your flight to St. Maarten.
Thank you ZAP!
I have been to SJU before, and connected on other flights multiple times, but I was not sure if something changed ever since the hurricane hit the island last year.
Also some sources say that they operate out of Terminal B and others say they operate out of Terminal D. As long as both Terminals are still connected passed security, then I guess it will be enough time.
My question about the passport - I meant to ask if they will check for our passports and clear our traveling documents while checking in at STT, or not. I am not sure if they will check us in all the way through or we will have to check in separately at the gate for the SJU - SXM flight.