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I arrive on JetBlue at 12:27pm from FLL and depart on an AirAntilles flight to Martinique at 2:20pm. Is that enough time with checked bag?
Yes, that should be enough time if the flight from FLL is on-time.
Can I get from arrival in JB terminal A to Cape Air Terminal D without rechecking security? No checked bags.
Yes, that is possible.
We arrive on JetBlue from STX at 4:58 and depart on Southwest to BWI at 5:35. No checked baggage. Is this connection possible? If we miss it, will Southwest make us buy a new ticket or just put us on the next flight?
If you have checked bags this is not possible, with no checked bags it is barely possible if everything goes perfectly. If you miss it you will have to change your flight to the one the next day and pay the difference in fare and have to pay for a hotel in San Juan or spend 24 hours at the airport in San Juan. I really don't recommend trying this connection.
For Norwegian international flight coming into SJU (terminal D) and connecting to FL via Jetblue (Terminal A), what is the minimum time accounting for immigration and going through security check w/o checked baggage?
I'd want a minimum of 2 hours, preferably a little more.
launge pass membership need to Transfer in side from the gate in terminal A to terminal C and Viseversa I can pass Tru the gate with out pass security area. Terminal A Tru terminal C is were the Launge is I will travel from jet blue air line terminal A.. Appreciated you information Mrs. Melendez
We arrive on Southwest Airlines at 2:00pm and depart on a jet blue flight to St Thomas at 3:32pm. Is that enough time with checked bags?
That's barely enough time if everything goes perfectly. If you can do it without checked bags I really recommend trying it.
Looking to fly in from Vieques to SJU arriving at 2:13. Have a flight leaving SJU to Florida on Southwest leaving at 3:10. Is that enough time to connect?
If you have checked bags, no, that is not enough time as you won't get them to the Southwest check in desk before the cutoff.
Landing from American Airlines at 1pm, is it possible to make a connection to VQS (will need to retrieve and recheck luggage) by 2:45?
That should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Can I have a wheelchair transporting my mom from Delta terminal B to the airport at terminal D?
Yes, that should be possible.
I'm arriving on JetBlue at 8:58 and depart on American at 9:55 on a Tuesday morning with no checked bags. Can I make that connection? How easy is it to get from AA to JetBlue?
I think you can make it if you check in for your AA flight online. You can just walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
We have a lot of time to burn when we arrive in San Juan on Jet Blue. Is it possible to get from the Jet Blue terminal to the Priority Lounge I think is located in terminal C without going through security?
There are walkways between all gates at SJU inside security.