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Malta International Airport ( MLA ) Terminal Map Information

Malta International MLA Terminal Map


The passenger terminal complex atMalta International Airport includes a Main Terminal (and a VIP Terminal). 

The Main Terminal is divided into Arrivals, Departures, Schengen & non-Schengen areas
. (Malta is a member of the European Union and a member of the Schengen alliance.  Non-Schengen passengers are considered 'foreign' passengers and need to go through passport control.  Non-Schengen departure gates are 11 - 15.
Services and amenities inside the passenger terminal include: Information counters, self-service check-in kiosks, free internet access; food & drink establishments located throughout the terminal and in Food Court level 1; shops can be found in the Arrivals area, in the check-in hall, and in the Schengen & non-Schengen Departures areas; Bank of Valletta and HSBC offer currency exchange in the Arrivals areas, as well as their ATM machines; Maltapost has an office in the check-in hall and mail boxes in the departures hall; luggage storage is in the check-in hall near the Information counter; and a chapel is on level 1 next to the Food Court.
For Lost/Found items onboard the airplane, contact your airline; lost/found items inside the terminal, send an e-mail to or call 24/7+356 2369 6000 /  weekday hours at 6005 or 6187. 
Business services include:
- Lavalette Club (recently extended) located in Arrivlas and Departures (tel. 8007 666 free or (356) 2369 6292 or fax (356) 2124 3042;
- Conference rooms are available at Arrivals & Depatures, level 1 (tel. (356) 2369 6514) 

Recent and current Airport Upgrade Works:

 - During 2015 Malta Airport expanded the non-Schengen area, replaced generator sets, invested in its security infrastructure, upgraded retail spaces and added a new food court. 
 - During 2016 the passenger terminal made its First Phase of upgrades (more check-in counters, relocating security screening area and doubling its space).  
 - During subsequent Phase 2, the check-in hall and the departure area undergoes expansion work  (more check-in desks & gates, more circulation & seating space across both areas).
 - In June 2017 a temporary screening area has been set aside on level 1 of the terminal, with all needed infrastructure in place - while a new and much larger sceening area is currently under construction - to open in 2018.