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Las Vegas McCarran Airport ( LAS ) Terminal Map Information

Las Vegas McCarran Airport Terminal Map Overview

Las Vegas McCarran LAS Terminal Map LAS Concourse A LAS Concourse B LAS Concourse C LAS Concourse D LAS Concourse E LAS Main Terminal


McCarran Airport layout, Getting Around (Gate-to-Gate connections; Oth Tram Connections; Terminal-to-Terminal Transfer, Interrnational Arrivals, APC passport control , NOTE (special airline announcements), and Terminal details:

The passenger terminal complex at Las Vegas McCarran Airport consists of Domestic Terminal T1 with Concourses A, B, & C, and International Terminal T3 with Concourse E, and (
between T1 & T3) is Satellite Concourse D whose gates are served by the D Gate Tram -connecting to both C & E gates.  An 84-inch ultra high-definition display in the D Concourse rotunda shows on the top half wayfinding information (with arrows pointing to baggage claims & airline logos to intended locations),  and on the bottom half commercial- and entertainment-oriented content.

Getting Around: (
Curbside check-in is available for most airlines serving McCarran Airport.)
   Gate-to-Gate connections:
(a) A connector is between gates B6 & B9 and gate C25.  Just follow signs.  (b) C gates to D gates: C gates are part of Terminal 1and its C gate tram arrives at Baggage claim level; right adjacent to incoming C gate tram is the outgoing D gate tram to the more distant Satellite D.
   Other Tram Connections:
(a) between T3, E gates at level 0 and D gates;  (b) between T1 at level 2 (Esplanade) and the C gates;  (c) between T1 and D gates, on level 2 (Eplanade);  (d) between C gates at level 2 of T1 to baggage claim & parking;  (e) between D gates, at level 0, to T3 baggage claim and parking.
   Terminal-to-Terminal Transfer: A shuttle bus
with the McCarran logo runs about every 12-15 minutes between both terminals; the bus stops at (a) T1 on level 0: from baggage claim, take elevator /escalator down one level and exit terminal, then take the crosswalk towards the covered parking garage to the bus stops; (b) at T3 the bus stops on level 0 in the center of the curb.
   International Arrivals at T3:
Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports in Canada and the Caribbean, you need to go through passport check*, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag (the tag should indicate layover and final destination Airport Codes).
* APC Passport Control:  At Terminal 3, U.S. Customs Arrivals Hall, Automated Passport Control Kiosks (self-service APCs) collecting passengers' facial & fingerprint biometrics against their passports have been installed - approved by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The kiosks will process any passenger from the USA, Canada, or any of the 38 visa waiver countries without any pre-enrollment. The process takes about 90 seconds.  
UPDATE: LAS accelerated its customs clearance process - upgrading APCs with Phase 4.0 automated passport control (APC) kiosks - consistent with global entry.

NOTE:  Airlines listed alphabetically with telephone numbers and location are found at the introductory page of this Airport.


Terminal 1 of McCarran Airport with Concourses A, B, C & the D Satellite: T1's baggage claim level connects to the Parking garage across from the street, with valet parking area in front of garage. All Concourses at T1 are on Level 2 and can be reached from the main terminal's Esplanade which houses food & drink & retail concessions, a Meet & Greet Area, self-check-in kiosks, access to Blue Tram Line to D gates and Green Tram Line to C gates, and, after the information point in the center, security check & access to  A & B gates.  Note that all Airlines serving Terminal 1 share one baggage claim located on Level 1.  All of T1's lounges are at the D Satellite.
    Concourse A  (gates A3-A23) presently serves Allegiant & Omni airlines (a recharge zone is near A3);
    Concourse  B (gates B1-B25) presently serves Southwest & Spirit (lockers & recharge zone are near B-2);
    Concourse C (gates C1-C25) presently serves by Southwest only (recharge zones are at/near C7, C5, C2, C22; lockers are near C2 & C11; the tram is near C3).  Near the smoking lounge is security check & access to B gates.
Quick Passenger Pickup for T1 is across from pedestrian bridge between baggage claim and level 1 of parking garage, and is for immediate loading only; if you need more time, use the short-term carpark - the first 15 mins are free: insert your ticket at exit gate (not at walk-up pay station). 
    Concourse D Satellite of T1 (gates D1-59), presently serves American & Delta, separately connected by D-Gate Tram Blue Line to both T1 & T3.The Satellite is shaped like an X with 4 gate areas (divided into gates D1-14; D16-21; D32-43 and D50-59) with a large center core housing food& drink (also available in the 4 gate areas) & escalators to the tram station serving Terminals 3  & 1. Services and amenities are available in the center core & at all four gate areas, and include an abundance of food & drink and retail concessions, as well as: recharge zones, ATMs, a kids play area, lockers, mail drop box, family care restrooms.
NOTE:  The current link between Concourse D and the two terminals is being changed, by adding seven more international gates (one for the A380 aircraft); however, it may may have already been completed by early 2017.
    Lounges at Satellite D of T1:
The Club at LAS is a pay-in lounge for all passengers (at entrance of gates D16-26);
The United Club is at D gates.
The Centurion Lounge of American Express at D gates; f
or more information open:
NOTE:  As of Nov. 2016, the $30M Terminal 1 renovations are ongoing at  its ticketing and baggage claim areas which are to get terrazzo flooring and new ticket counters.

International Terminal 3 (T3) of McCarran Airport with gates E1-15 is nearly half a mile long -  located on Russel Road (east of T1).
    The Arrivals level of T3 houses to the left baggage claim carousels 17-26,  and to the right carousels 27-3, while the center houses security checkpoint and escalator access to the tram & D gates of T1. The Arrivals level also houses Customs facilities, Global Entry, Meet & Greet, tram & USO Las Vegas.  Amenities include ATMs, currency exchange, Information counter, paging & visual paging, pay e-mail, Smarte Cartes, TDD telephones, translation & wheelchair services.  Outside of level 0 are at either end the rental car shuttles, road isles for Charter & shuttle buses, hotel shuttles, and taxis.  and the Red Line to D gates.
    The Departures level of T3At  the center entrance are East & West check-in facilities, with ATMs & currency exchange, Mail box, Lost/Found & MetroPolice; security check for E & D gates is in the center; concessions are in both pre- & post security areas.  At post-security, there are charging stations, ATMs, lockers & shoeshine, as well as access to the gates:
      E Gates are divided between East Wing gates E15-8 and West Wing gates E7-E1). 
The Departures level connects to the multi-level parking garage via three separate walkways (adjadent to the garage is a parking lot).
Passenger dropoff is outside of Departures, on level 2, center.
   Lounges at Terminal 3:  The Club at LAS is a pay-in lounge for all passengers.