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I will be traveling with my 7 pound dog, where are the relief areas located for my dog to go potty. Can you provide a map with the different locations?
The young lady Chela was absolutely amazing. Great customer service!
My last visit to MEM was April 2010. Staff everywhere was rude with a huge ATTITUDE! It was unnerving as I had flown several times a year (until this date) with/without babies. I dreaded flying out of MEM. My husband & I arrived at MEM on Jan 29 for a LAX flight. From baggage reps out front, to security, to Starbucks to our Delta gate, to the TSA agents (whom randomly selected us for checks just before boarding)- everyone was nice. Even the loud-speaker voice didn't have that "you-have-inconvienced-me" attitude. We both noticed it & VERY MUCH APPRECIATED IT. We are no longer embarrased for our friends & family to visit via MEM. It was a nice surprise. I don't know what has been done to give an overall "polite" appeal, but it was worth it. Thank you
I have a 45 connection time on Delta flights. Will this be a problem?
No problem, Delta arrives & departs from Concourse B
While one traveler explains the terminal layout of Memphis Airport, another states that even though it's an older terminal, its piers offer short walks to their connecting gates. The cell phone lot for easy passenger pickup, as well as the two outlets of Corky's BBQ, receive favorable comments. One writer points you to the unisex barber shop, while others to the conference rooms / work centers. One traveler explains that rental cars are off-airport site, requiring shuttle service, and another feels that Terminal B has more shops and restaurants than the others.