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I'm scheduled to arrive at OAK from London, and I have a connection a couple of hours later on a separate reservation on Southwest. Will I be able to recheck my luggage (to Southwest flight) after I clear customs, or will I have to take the bags to Terminal 2?
You have to take your bags to the proper Southwest Check-In desk.
I am flying in SW with Sea Tac as final destination. I have to change planes at Oakland for connecting flight, with 45 min. between flights. Will the two flights be in the same concourse?
Yes, the Oakland airport is not large. That is enough time.
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Oakland Airport recently has added, & soon will add more, concessions. Note that the gate areas of Terminal 2 offer a nice variety of food, drink, and shops.
The two passenger terminals at Oakland Airport are connected to each other at post-security and gate areas. Terminal 2 to the left is exclusively for domestic flights of Southwest Airlines, while Terminal 1 to the right, serves domestic and international passengers of all other airlines, and its level 2 has a Customs check and a transit area for passengers connecting to other flights.