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What lot # do I use short term
Where is the best place for long term parking at the airport if I am going to
Terminal A?
Is there a short term parking lot next to Terminal B
What is the # of the lot and how much is it a day?
Please answer my question
Where at the airport is the long-term wheelchair parking and what is the daily rate?
Is it better to park in the lot near terminal A or near terminal C if I need to get to terminal B?.....thanks.
Its about the same. Will actually depend more on which airline your using, and which baggage carousel at SJC, but its a pretty close tie.
Theres a lot by Santa Clara U where you can park for free, then take the bus across the street at Caltrain - all for free!
Also check out They have a list of offsite long term parking lots that are much cheaper than regular airport parking. They have shuttles that will drop you off at your terminal.