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San Jose Airport Parking Rates & Lots

Parking is very convenient at San Jose Airport, with most lots being walkable from the two terminals. While each of the SJC Airport terminals has its own parking garage, Terminal B has also open-air Lots 4, 5 & 6 close to, or nearby.

Hourly / Short Term SJC Airport Parking

Hourly Lot 2 (SJC Terminal A Garage)

Directly across from SJC Terminal A, this lot has over 900 spaces. Clearance: 7 feet, but entry and first level is 8 feet. There are shuttle buses to Terminal B and ground transportation.

Fees: each 20 minutes $2; daily max $24

Hourly Lot 3 (SJC Terminal B Garage)

Directly across from Terminal A. Entry at first level. 8'4" height clearance. There are shuttle buses to Terminal A in front of the Rental Car center.

Fees: every 20 min segment $2; daily max $38

Hourly Lot 5

This lot is located south of SJC Terminal B and accessed through the baggage claim doors of the terminal. It currently has 200+ spaces. No shuttle service at this SJC parking facility.

Fees: each 20 minute segment $2, daily max $30

ADA Accessible Parking

Available in hourly lot 2 & 3.

Fees: every 20 min segment $2; daily max $18

Cell Phone Waiting Lot

To pick up a passenger, use the free lot situated on both sides of the Airport Parkway - between Technology Drive & the Highway 87 crossover - and conveniently between Terminals A & B. Stay with your car until your party has collected their luggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb (no other services available there).

Alternatively, 1-hour Express SJC Parking spaces are available at Hourly Lot 2 (for Terminal A) and Lot 5 (for Terminal B) at posted rates.

Economy and Daily / Long Term SJC Airport Parking

Economy Lot 1

Has over 1,600 spaces. Located at 2300 Airport Blvd past Terminal A as you drive into the airport. It's the least expensive San Jose airport parking available.

Fees: a flat rate of $18/day

Daily Lot 4

Located south of the Rental Car Center Garage with entrance on the east side of the lot from Airport Blvd. Shuttles run every 10 mins to/from both Terminals A & B. It has currently over 700 parking spaces.

Fees: each 20-minute segment $2; daily max $30

Daily Lot 6

Located on the west side of Airport Blvd, south of San Jose airport Terminal B and the Hourly Lot 5. It has presently 581 spaces. No shuttle service in this parking facility.

Fees: each 20-minute segment $2; daily max $30

Other SJC Airport Parking Information

Payment options use cash at pay stations, or major credit cards at exit lanes. There is no cashier on duty. At exit lanes, insert ticket, then your credit card and take the printed receipt.

For Parking Services /information call: 408-441-5570

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are located on level 1 of Hourly Lot 2 (SJC Terminal A and International Arrivals garage), and Hourly Lot 5 next to Terminal B. All charging stations are free (on a first-come, first-serve basis). Regular San Jose airport parking fees of the associated parking lot apply. The Hourly Lot 2 garage for Terminal A has both conductive & inductive hook-ups; while Hourly Lot 5 has 8 charging stations with conductive hookups.

Meet & Greet helpers for Terminal B may also park on level 1of Hourly Lot 5 and Surface Lot.

San Jose Mineta Airport Parking Map

San Jose Mineta SJC airport parking map