San Jose Mineta Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Parking - If you are picking up or dropping off passengers, stop your vehicle curbside in front of either Terminal A or C to actively load or unload. However, due to security measures, at no time may vehicles wait, park or be left unattended curbside.
If traveling alone, the solo passenger cannot park a vehicle at the curbside and leave the vehicle while checking baggage either inside or at curbside check-in. Solo passengers must park their vehicles in the parking lot and bring baggage to curbside check-in or the ticket counter (smart carts are available to help manage baggage).
Alternate Drop-Off/Pick-Up Area: on Martin Avenue at the back of the Long-Term parking lot. At the drop-off point, proceed to shuttle stop �L� and wait at the designated bus stop for the shuttle taking you to your terminal. Shuttles arrive every five minutes.

Cell Phone Waiting Area offers 30-minute free parking on either side of Airport Parkway North of Technology Way. Wait until your arriving party has collected the luggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb. Remain with your car at all times. There is no pedestrian access to terminals and no public service.

Parking Options & Fees: (call 408-277-3145 for parking availability)

1. Long-Term Parking: each 20 minutes - $1, up to daily max. $15
2. Terminal A Garage: each 20 minutes - $1, up to daily max. $30
3. Terminal C Parking: each 20 minutes - $1, up to daily max. $40
4. Disabled Parking: each 20 minutes - $1, up to daily max. $15

Payment Method: All major credit cards accepted

5. Corporate Parking: (a time-saving, pre-paid parking program) Terminal A Corporate Parking spaces are on Level 2 of the garage, adjacent to the main entrance and skybridge. Terminal C Corporate Parking spaces are in the new hourly lot by baggage claim. For $600 a month, members are guaranteed a space regardless whether lots are full and closed to general public. Simply swipe your Corporate Parking card at the special entrance and pull right into a space, close and convenient to the terminal. And when you leave, just swipe your card and go.

For more information contact AMPCO Parking at (408) 277-3145. General Parking Information:

Bicylce Parking Bicycle Access to/through the Airport: The ongoing construction at the Airport, including the recent roadway changes, can be challenging for bicyclists to navigate. Both the Airport, in its terminal-area design planning, and the City, in its Guadalupe River recreational trail planning, are considering how to provide bicycle access in and through the east side of the Airport. Recently, the City of San Jose approved funds to be included as part of the development of an overall Roadway Master Plan for the Airport. These plans are still in the early phases. However, they do include the proposed use of the Water District's future levee maintenance road along the west side of the river (south from the rental car lot bridge) as a designated bike/pedestrian path. In the meantime, the Airport Flyer bus (VTA #10) can be used to shuttle bicyclists through this area.

Bike racks are located at the south end of Terminal C, adjacent to the USO building and the Hourly Parking Lot. At Terminal A, the bike racks are located on the left-hand side of the vehicle entry area to the Parking Garage and in the area between the exit doors from the south end of baggage claim and the terminal curb. Preview the bicycle rack locations on our interactive maps at Inside the Airport. Select the Customer Service icon in either Terminal. Due to security concerns, there are no bicycle storage facilities at the Airport.

Parking Garage Vehicle Clearance
The Terminal A parking garage has an entry clearance of 8'0" to accommodate heightened vehicles that utilize mobility aids. There are several disabled parking spots in the entry area, with a limited number of non-restricted spaces. The remainder of the facility has a clearance of 7'0".

Inter-Terminal Shuttles
Our courtesy shuttles make a continuous loop of Terminal A, Terminal C, and the parking lots. A new shuttle departs each designated stopping point approximately every 10 minutes from 5 a.m. - 12 mid. From 12 mid - 5 a.m., shuttle buses continue to make a constant loop of the terminals and the parking lots on a reduced schedule.

San Jose Mineta ( SJC ) Airport Parking Map

San Jose Mineta SJC airport parking map

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