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can I exchange mexican pesos coins for US currency here?
I had a good club taken from my travel bag- whom do I talk to?

I had a good club taken from my travel bag- whom do I talk to?

I had a good club taken from my travel bag- whom do I talk to?

I have a 6 hour layover at SJC. Any ideas on what to do?
The SJ Discovery museum is very close and worth a few hours.
The flt is arriving at Terminal A gate A 12. when I drive to the airport, where do I pick up this passenger?
PAssenger pickup at SJC terminal A is directly in front of the terminal, but you cant wait there. If you are early, follow signs to the cell phone waiting lot.
A frequent traveler shares her knowledge about the passenger terminal layout at San Jose Airport. The high-tech, recently opened, new Terminal B receives high marks from some passengers. We also learn from travelers who take their car to Mineta Airport that parking and access road improvements have made it easier moving in and out of the airport. Some travelers explain the parking choices and locations for passenger pickup, while others point out the abundance of Terminal B's food, drink, and shopping establishments, and where to get fresh sandwiches and salads quickly at Terminal A. We also learn that the Admirals Club at gate 8 of Terminal A closes due to cutbacks. As to transportation, a passenger writes that the new Rental Car Center serves now all related operations & additionally has 700 short-term parking spaces on its first level and the lot next to it. While one travelers alerts us to the suspension of Mexicana Airlines flights until further notice, another writes that Alaska/Horizon Air will fly to Lihue, on Hawaii's Kauai Island, starting March 2011. One passenger wants to clarify that the bad review by J.D. Power for 2010 did not include the new Terminal B, nor some of the many improvements to Terminal A.
I heard about J.D. Power's low 2010 rating for Mineta Airport and like to add that this study was done prior to the opening of Terminal B, and did not include some of the many improvements made in Terminal A. And as to accessibility - I's only 4 km from downtown San Jose, near three major freeways - US 101, I-880 & SR 87. SJC has also added a good number of flights this year.
Driving to Mineta Airport has become easier because of improvements made to access road and parking facilities.