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The modern passenger terminal of Minsk National Airport - built in a semi-circle with three levels - ground, first & second levels. By year-end 2014, over 2,000 sq.meters of space were added - increasing considerably the border control booths.
    Ground level / the Arrivals level with passport control, customs and police station, baggage claim.  This area also offers an Information desk, rental car counters,hotel reservation, insurance, transfer, conference & excursion services;  currency exchange, ATM machines, medical assistance, cloakroom, and outside of it is access to the bus station and parking. 
- Entry/Exit doors at east end should be used for passengers Arriving/Departing from gates 5 & 6;
- Entry/Exit doors in the center should be used for passengers arriving/departing from gates 3 & 4; and
- Entry/Exit Doors at west side should be used for passengers arriving/departing from gates 1 & 2.
    Level 1 offers an information desk, passport control, ticket offices, phyto & veterinary control. 
    Level 2 is the departure level which offers some services & amenities in the unsecured, as well as in some of the secured areas. There are four security checkpoints to gates 1, 2, 3/4, & 5/6 (gates 1 through 4 to the left, and gates 5 & 6 to the right). Gates 3 - 6 are international departure gates: 
    Gate 1 includes the VIP lounge, baggage claim & Customs; 
    Gate 2 has passport checks;
    Gates 3  & 4 have Passport check & Customs, a business lounge & lost & found.
    Gates 5 & 6 have Passport check & Customs, baggage claims, and business lounge.  All four gateways have their own security check.
NOTE:  Passengers can be registered at six gates, according to international standards, and board the airplane via loading bridges. Several gates have an automated system of ticket and baggage registration. Flights to Russia are checked in at gate 2; international flights are at gates 3 to 6).
A separate VIP area at the southwest side of the terminal complex  (and across from the VIP parking facilities) houses the VIP lounge.

Note that for flights abroad you need to present to the passport control your confirmation for a return ticket.

Amenities and services inside the terminal:  In the Arrival Hall is an information center, money exchange (Belarusbank, second floor, left wing;and BPS Bank on the ground floor, gates 5-6), ATM cash machines, a full-service restaurant, a coffee bar;  a first-aid station is on the first floor, to the left of the terminal, and a drugstore is on the third floor. The customs area lounges have duty-free shops and bars. Booking offices of AirBaltic, Turkish Airlines and travel agencies CAAS & Merlintour are on the second floor.  Baggage wrappingcounte are on the second floor in front of the check-in desks, and baggage storage is located underground at gate 6.
Business-class passengers are served in the business lounge. The CIP lounge is located on the third floor of the first gate (tel. +375 17 2791941).