Missed Flight Connection

It doesn't matter how much a traveler prepares, and how much he works to ensure that he has ample time between flights, sometimes circumstances are beyond a travelers control and they miss a connecting flight. When a missed connecting flight occurs, many travelers are unsure what to do to rectify the situation and make their way to their intended destination. While there is no set in stone answer to this dilemma, solving the problem of missed connecting flights is easier than many travelers believe. There are a few tips that will help travelers when they miss connecting flights in any airport.

Remain Calm

When a passenger experiences a missed connecting flight because the airline had issues, the problem will be rectified. Speak to an airline agent regarding the situation and ask them to fix it. They will book you on the next possible flight to your destination, even if it means booking you on another airline. If there is no available flight out that day, the airline will provide you with a complementary hotel room, food vouchers and a flight out first thing the following morning.


If the missed flight is due to inclement weather, the airline is not required to provide passengers with food or hotel vouchers, but they will re-book you on another flight. However, it never hurts to ask the airline representative if they will provide you with food and hotel vouchers. They may decline to do so, but it is always wise to ask.

Ask for Help Even if the Missed Flight is Not the Airline's Fault

When a passenger misses a flight because of personal reasons, the airline will do no more than help the passenger re-book another flight. They will not provide the passenger with food or hotel vouchers, because the missed connecting flight was not their fault. If there are no additional flights out that day, the airline attendant will provide you with suggestions regarding hotels in the area, but they will not provide you with a hotel room. Additionally, if the airline on which a passenger is traveling has no additional flights that day, but another airline does, the passenger has the opportunity to pay to book a seat on another airline.

Self-Help Kiosks

There are a few airlines that have installed kiosks in the airport terminals where they are located. These kiosks display signs encouraging passengers to stop there for help regarding missed flights. These kiosks allow passengers to re-book flights by allowing them to view the flight schedule to his intended destination and choosing the next available flight. This is a great way for passengers to re-book their missed connecting flight without hassle and in very little time.

A missed flight is an inconvenience, but it is sometimes unavoidable. Passengers should always make sure to book flights with plenty of time between flights to avoid missed connecting flights, but they need to understand that even the most careful planning cannot prevent missed flights. Remaining calm and being flexible will help the passenger to handle the situation without too much stress.