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MBJ : Meeting location May 18, '18 Comments: 0

Montego Bay Sangster Airport Traveler Help

We have groups coming into MBJ from different location at a few different time, where would be the best place for us to meet before getting our transportation

MBJ : Auntie Annes Jun 25, '16 Comments: 0

Montego Bay Sangster Airport Food, Shops, Services

Stay away from Auntie Anne's. I tried to order 2 pretzels and a large lemonade. The employee added everything to the order on the register as I had ordered but then grabbed a souvenir cup and filled it. Then she changed the drink on my order to include the price of the souvenir cup without me ever asking for this cup. I demanded that she fulfill my order the way that I had originally ordered it and after a short final push for the sale she agreed to do so. Then she said she didn't have large cups, only small. I said that was fine, I will take a small instead. Then after getting my order together, she modified the order on the register to remove the large drink and replace it with a small. The small lemonade that I had ordered was shown on the sign behind her as $3.20. She rang up a small lemonade with a flavor mixer which was $3.50. Then when I pointed out her mistake, she told me that the $3.20 was before tax and $3.50 was after tax. It was clearly shown on the display of the register that the prices were the subtotal and tax was added at the end because my pretzels had rang up exactly as shown on the menu and had tax also added to them as a separate item on the register display. She insisted that the price was correct because tax was being included although it was obvious that I was being overcharged by $0.30. After an argument she offered to get the manager. I informed the manager of her employees incompetence and she proceeded to make the same argument that her employee had just tried to make to me. When I asked her why my pretzels rang up exactly as shown on the menu and had tax added as a separate item but my drink was not showing up at the price displayed on the menu she recognized that she no longer had any argument that she could make. She told me that it was a system error and her employee did nothing wrong which I do not believe, but I will let her handle matters with her own employee as she chooses. I will never return to an Auntie Anne's again after this experience.


Montego Bay Sangster Airport General Topics

We departed MBJ on June 4, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. heading to Los Angeles Airport (LAX) arriving at 11:05 p.m. We lost a "Seiko 5" man's metallic silver / stainless steel colored watch (with lots of memories attached to that watch) going through the MBJ customs. Please email or call Vivian if anyone has found and kindly returned it to the MBJ airport Lost and Found at: [email protected] / 714-408-3051. Thank you!