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Airport Overview

Located in the southeastern section of Nashville, Tennessee, Nashville International Airport is a public/military airport. It was established in 1937, and its original name was Berry Field.

The airport took its current name in 1988. BNA Airport has four runways and covers 3,900 acres (1,600 ha).

Airport Stats & Facts

  • The airport's IATA code (BNA) is short for Berry Field Nashville, and the military facilities at the airport are still commonly known by this name.
  • BNA has 585 daily arriving and departing flights.
  • The airport has nonstop flights to more than 72 cities in North America and Europe.
  • Launched in July 2016, BNA Vision is the dynamic expansion and renovation plan for Nashville International Airport by 2023.

Airport Traveling Tips

  • For an international flight, passengers are advised to arrive 3 hours before the departure time, and for a domestic flight, 2 hours before the departure.
  • Passengers aged 18 and over should be prepared to have a government-issued photo identification such as valid passport, valid driver’s license, military ID, etc.
  • Before visiting the airport to board a flight, please have a look at the BNA Airport map.

Passenger Pickup and Drop-off

  • Drivers waiting to pick-up their passengers can use either of the two FREE Cell Phone Waiting lots at Nashville Airport.
  • Each lot has real-time flight information monitors allowing drivers to check the status of incoming flights.
  • Travelers can be dropped off outside the terminal. Drivers should make sure not to stop the vehicle for a long time and do not leave it unattended as well.

Flight Status

  • For departing flights: Departing flight status lists scheduled vs actual departure, gate information, map tracking, and flight delays.
  • For arriving flights: Arrival flight status provides the arrival times, gate information, delays, and time to land for the Nashville Airport.
  • To get the best deals, book a flight at BNA here.

Airport Terminals

Nashville Airport consists of 1 main terminal with 4 concourses - A, B, C, and D.


The Robert C. H. Mathews Jr. Terminal is the airport's main commercial terminal. It has 3 floors with ground transportation on the first; baggage claim services on the second; and ticketing, passenger drop off, and concourse access on the third.

Concourse A - 7 Gates

Concourse B - 10 Gates

Concourse C - 19 Gates

Concourse D - 6 Gates

To see the terminal location, and for more information, please refer to BNA Terminal Map.

Airlines Served

Nashville Airport serves various airlines including Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, Allegiant Air, Delta Connection, and more.

View the full list of airlines served at BNA Airport here.

Airport Parking

Valet Parking

It is located across from the terminal and is available 24/7. Valet Parking is one of the most convenient options to park at BNA Airport.


$22 per day

Terminal Garage 1

This garage is a short walk from Terminal and has more than 2,000 covered spaces. Here you can also find EV Charging Stations.


First 20 minutes: Free

Every 20 minutes thereafter: $4

Per Day: $16

Terminal Garage 2

Terminal Garage 2 is adjacent to the airport and has 2,200 covered spaces. It features a Park Assist Guidance System and EV Charging Stations.


First 20 minutes: Free

Every 20 minutes thereafter: $4

Per Day: $16

Ground Transport

After arriving at the airport, passengers have many options for ground transportation. From rental cars to taxis to buses, and more they can choose according to their convenience and requirements. All commercial operators pick up on Level 1 of the Terminal Garage.

Rental Cars

To avail the rental car facility, exit the Main Terminal on Level 1 and turn left, follow the sidewalk past the Valet Drop-Off area, cross Terminal Drive, and proceed to the Rental Car Facility.


Taxis pick up in the Ground Transportation Center, Level 1 of the Terminal Garage. From the airport, the meter starts at $7 and the rate is $2.10 per mile.


Buses also pick up in the Ground Transportation Center, Level 1 of the Terminal Garage. Some of the renowned companies include Anchor Tours Inc., CitiValet, and more.

Amenities & Services

For visitors to have an amazing stay, Nashville Airport provides plenty of amenities and services including:

  • Store, gift shops, and local souvenir shops.
  • Restaurants, bars, and cafes.
  • Shoeshine stations, and massage bars.
  • Free Wi-Fi internet throughout the airport.
  • Multiple art installations and exhibits on display.
  • Vending machines, and banks/ATMs.

Contact Information

Address: One Terminal Drive, Nashville, TN 37214, USA



Phone: (615) 275 1675

Nashville Airport: A Brief History Timeline

  • The airport was dedicated on November 1, 1936, as Berry Field.
  • In 1958, the City Aviation Department started planning to expand and modernize the airport.
  • By the 1970s the airport was again in need of expansion and modernization.
  • In 1973 the newly created Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA) finalized a plan for the long-term growth of the airport.
  • In 1988, the airport was renamed Nashville International Airport/Berry Field.
  • In 1989 a new parallel runway was opened for use.
  • In 2002, Embraer Aircraft Maintenance Services (EAMS) selected Nashville as the location for its Regional Airline Support Facility.
  • In October 2006 the Nashville Metropolitan Airport Authority started an extensive renovation of the terminal building.
  • To accommodate growth at BNA, the Metro Nashville Airport Authority has commenced a $1.2 billion renovation of the airport dubbed as BNA Vision.

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Nashville Airport Overview Map
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Nashville Airport Q&A

Yes. While the official name is Nashville International Airport, it is also referred to by its IATA code BN
You can fly to many cities from BNA Airport. Please have a look at our direct flights page here, to see where you can fly.
The airport remains open 24 hours a day and passengers are permitted to sleep inside the airport, and they can also stay inside overnight. We also recommend these awesome BNA layover ideas.
The Information Center is located on the Baggage Claim level between bag claim carousels 5 and 6.

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