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Getting Around the Airport

The terminal building structure at Nashville Airport consists of one main terminal with four concourses: Concourse A, B, C, and D. It is a four-story building and all four concourses of the BNA Airport are interconnected under the same building structure. See below for information about each Terminal and Concourse at BNA. 

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Main Terminal

The four levels of the Main terminal are as follows:

Level 1 is the ground transportation level.

Level 2 is the Arrivals level housing the ten baggage claim services. There is an area for oversize baggage and baggage service offices for various airlines.

Level 3 is the Departures level housing the check-in counters, ticketing, and the four concourse areas. Check-in counters for the following airlines can be found: Delta, Contour, British Airways, Sun Country, WestJet, American Airlines, Frontier, United, Air Canada, Spirit, JetBlue, Boutique Air, Allegiant Air, Alaska Airlines, and Southwest.

Level 4 houses the Airline Lounges.

To see the terminal location, and for more information, please refer to BNA Airport Main Terminal Map.

Concourse A

Concourse A has 4 gates: A1, A2, A3, A4, and A8. It extends to the International Arrivals section and is served by United, JetBlue, Spirit, and Air Canada.

To get better oriented, see the Nashville International Airport Concourse A Map (BNA Map).

Concourse B

Concourse B has 9 gates: B4-10, and B13, and is served by WestJet, Sun Country, and Contour. There is a children's play area is between Gate B7 and B9.

To get better oriented, see the Nashville International Airport Concourse B Map (BNA Map).

Concourse C

Concourse C has Gates from C4-C25 and is served by Delta, British Airways, and American.

There is an ATM machine is near gate C13, a meditation room, and a children's play area. This COncourse houses the USO Lounge as well.

To get better oriented, see the Nashville International Airport Concourse C Map (BNA Map).

Concourse D

Concourse D has 6 Gates (D1-D6) and is served by Allegiant, Alaska, and Southwest. It is not in service and may be reconstructed for a new purpose.

To get better oriented, see the Nashville International Airport Concourse D Map (BNA Map).

Food, Shops & Amenities

There are many options for shopping and dining around BNA airport. Some notable shops and restaurants include The Arts District Market near Gate A3 in Concourse A; Popeye's near Gate B1, Tennessee Brew Works near Gate B3, and Nashville Kitchen near Gate B3 in Concourse B; Fresh Attractions near Gate C3, Berry Field Bistro near Gate C2, and Hudson News near Gate C2 in Concourse C; and Fat Bottom Brewing near Gate D3 in Concourse D.

Security Checkpoints

The security checkpoints at BNA airport are monitored by the Federal TSA - Transportation Security Administration. Only passengers possessing tickets are allowed to proceed beyond any of the security checkpoints. The hours and wait times estimates for each security checkpoint can be found on the Nashville Airport Security Wait Times Page.

Airline Lounges

There are a number of airline lounges at the BNA Airport. On Level 3 you will find USO Lounge near Gate C4, Graycliff Smoking Lounge near Gate B10 and C10, American Admirals Club near Gate C11, Delta Sky Club near Gate B3.

Terminal Tips

  • Arrive 90 minutes before flight time in case of domestic flights, and two hours before flight time in case of international flights.
  • In case of lost items call your airline for lost items inside the aircraft or visit the airport’s lost and found page online
  • In case of any queries call the airport at 615-275-1703