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BNA Gate Connections DISCUSSION

my flight has been delayed and I only have a one hour layover on my connecting flight so i will miss that flight so will united automatically book me another flight?
my flight has been delayed i only had a one hour layover so i will miss my connecting flight so does the the airline automatically book me the next flight
Im flying from JFK to Nashville and from Nashville to Heathrow, London. I have a 40 minute connection both flights with American Airlines. Is this connection possible? Never been to Nashville or had this short of a connection... Thanks!
I'm flying from London, Heathrow to Miami - via Nashville on BA and AA. I understand that I have to pick up my luggage and clear customs in Nashville, but I'm not sure if I have to check in again to drop my luggage at the check in desk, or should I drop off my luggage somewhere specific for connecting flights?

Any help much appreciated!
For AA flight 412 from charlotte, arriving at 6:24pm, is there enough time for my bag to be transferred to the connecting AA flight 2675 to LAX that leaves at 6:55pm ?? How often is this flight late? How often do people miss this connection? How often is baggage delivery to LAX delayed?
I have a contour flight arriving from Tupelo at 11:30. My next flight is on American Airlines to Manchester, NH. Do I need to collect luggage and check-in at the American Airlines desk?
Yes, you do. Contour doesn't transfer bags to any other airlines. 30 minutes is not enough time with checked bags.
Have a 40-minute layover between a Contour arrival and a SW departure. Do I have to go through security again or simply switch terminals? I'll be carrying on, so not a big deal there. Just want to make sure timing (assuming first flight makes it as scheduled) works out to walk from Contour gates to SW.
I'll be short on time, and this is the day of the eclipse, so would I just get off and walk to the gate for the FLL flight on JetBlue? I am flying in on American.
Thanks in advance for the help.
I have a flight from SEA - BNA on Alaska and then I have 2hr 29min to recheck bags for my Southwest flight from BNA - CLT. Would this work? I also have 5 people total traveling with me. It will be in April. I have not booked yet because I have never rechecked bags before.
Yes, that would work if the first flight is on-time.