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Nashville Airport ( BNA ) Terminal Map Information

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Nashville International Airport has a three-level passenger Terminal with Concourses A, B & C. The terminal has made considerable imrovements in recent years - more are still ongoing for some years to come. Recently it opened new food & drink and retail concessions, national food chains, 'In Celebration of Golf', Nashville-themed outlets ('Discover Nashville Music City', the Nashville Zoo and Swett's offering Southern home-style cooking).  Currently there are 24 food & drink and 22 retail concessions available. Note that Airport upgrades are ongoing over the next few years, with across-the-board changes to come.

    Level 1 is the ground transportation level, which includes rental cars, taxis, limos, buses, valet service, Opryland Information Center, ATM machine, hotel/lodging information; outside of the entrance is a children’s play area and a mail box drop.
    Level 2 - the Arrivals level -houses the baggage claim areas with carousels 1 & 2 (left),  3 to 6 (center), & 7 & 8 (right). An Information booth is in the center, baggage information offices and hotel/lodging information are at both right & left sides, Lost & Found is near carousel 6, and elevators & escalators take you to levels 1 and 3. Passenger pickup is in front of the entrance.
Level 3 - the Ticketing & Departures level - houses check-in facilities of Southwest to the left, American & Delta counters in the center, and United & Frontier counters to the right.  While Southwest & Delta passengers reach the common security checkpoint from the South security entrance, Delta, United & Frontier reach it from the North security entrance.
Aside from some concessions, there is a business center, first aid, chapel, and access after security check to the Concourses: Concourse C to the left, and Concourses B & A to the right, with a connection to ‘International Arrivals’ at gate A5.
    Concourse A with gates A1-A8 serves Air Canada, Frontier & United airlines, and has international arrivals facilities. It houses a few food & drink outlets and 2 Huston News stands.
    Concourse B
with gates B1-B13 serves Alaska, Boutique Air, Contour, Delta, JetBlue & WestJet airlienes.  The Delta's Sky Club is next to gate B3A children's play area is between B7 & B9.  It also houses a few food & drink and retail outlets.
Concourse C
with gates C2-C25 serves presently  American & Southwest airlines. Concourse C houses a good selection of food & drink & retail concessions. An ATM machine is near gate C13; the American's Admirals Club is located at gate C12. At concourse entrance is a meditation room, near gate 17 a children's play area. This Concourse also offers 'CareHere' - a walk-in clinic & wellness store. USO is near gate C2.
    Concourse D is not in service and may be reconstructed for a new purpose.
The new USO Center (tel. 615-835-3128) - open daily 8am-8pm -is located at the junction of Concourses C & D.

 Between May 2016 and Jan. 2018 - 36 jetway passenger boarding bridges will gradually be installed.