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Hi I had my flight recently from Newark to Dublin and upon arrival at home I noticed that my bag was opened and some items( branded shoes) were stolen from it. Do you have any contact in Newark airport where I could report it? Haven't found anything online. Thanks.
You have to report it to your airline.
Is there a Bank of America ATM at the airport? And where is it exactly? Thank you
is there a smoking area at the airport
No, there is not. You have to leave the terminal to smoke.
I am flying international from SFO to AMS through EWR. Am I required to change terminals and re-check my luggage at EWR.
If both flights are on United then you just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate, both in Terminal C.
Once arriving at Terminal C and picking up baggage, what is the best way to get to National Car Rental.
The AirTrain will take you to where you can pick up rental cars.
Is there security for baggage claim? If I stop to eat on the way to claim, can my luggage be stolen?
There are cameras in baggage claim, but yes, it is possible that your baggage could be stolen or put into one of the baggage office lockers, requiring you to go to the baggage office to retrieve it.
I lost my laptop with bag and travel recipets office id at ewr airport this morning around 5:15 am at terminal C.
Any help to track the bag would be helpful.
Found outside TSA, Terminal B, Gates 40-46. Must know name on AirPods.
I am picking up a traveler tonite. I would like to mail a letter at the airport. Is their a mailbox for the USPS? I will be at terminal C