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Hi I am flying from DCA to EWR to Dublin with 56 minute connection time for EWR to DUB. Is this enough time? Do I have to re-check bags and go through international security lines? I'm flying with diplomatic passport.
I am travelling from LHR and then connecting on to TPA. am I correct in thinking we land in terminal B and leave from Terminal C
best way to transfer from terminal A to terminal B
We are flying from Albany to Newark on United Express Terminal C arriving at 7:36AM, leaving on Emirates Terminal B at 10:50AM to CapeTown, South Africa. Will bags be checked thru to CapeTown and how does one get from Terminal C to Terminal B?
I am travelling United Airlines and have 1 hour 25 to change from the incoming Denver Flight to the Newark - Edinburgh. Is this enough time. Thanks
How do I get from Terminal C to Terminal B? and will I have to go through security?
Just realized that I have to clear immigration and re-check my bags in the 70min gap between my scheduled arrival into Newark on an international flight (at 4.50am) and departure onwards on a domestic flight (6.00am). Is this doable? What if I pay for the $59 Premier Access on United (priority boarding, check-in and security)?
Flying united Tampa to Newark and then to Dublin . 85 minute layover. Enough time? Thanks
Flying United from Tampa to Newark, then to Dublin. 85 minute layover. Is that enough time?
Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate in Terminal C.
Arriving from charlotte on American Airlines leaving on Primera Air to France. Do we have to leave the secured area and go back thru for the international flight? If we arrive at 8:30 pm and our Primera Air flight leaves at 11:10 will we have enough time?
Yes, because you arrive in Terminal A and depart from Terminal B. You should have enough time.