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EWR Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I'll be flying from Honolulu to Boston with a layover in Newark. is a 40 min layover enough to make a connection in Newark with to kids? I haven't flown into this airport in years so I don't remember the layout. The flight is with United.
I am arriving at Gate D19 tomorrow morning and departing at Gate C130y. I cannot find the D gates on a terminal map. What terminal are the D gates located in and are there instructions to get from D19 to C130y.
How does one get from baggage claim in terminal b to baggage claim in terminal a? Is there a covered walkway? Help!!! This is for a teen traveling alone.
I am flying manchester to newark with united airlines . I know I need to re check but I am flying with air canada on 2nd flight from a different terminal. Do I re check in the terminal I am flying from... do I really need to carry my luggage to the other terminal ?? Help please
Hi - thanks in advance!
I’m reading contradictory things about this.
Flight united from cancun to Newark and then Newark to Glasgow on Sat. All one trip with a 3 hour stopover, do we have to collect luggage and check in again at Newark?
Flying in from Dallas on United and will be transferring to a United flight to Halifax, Canada. Will these flights be in the same terminal?

We're connecting at EWR - arrive on American (reservation 1) and depart on United to Glasgow (reservation 2). We have a 3 hour layover - is that enough time to claim a checked bag from American and recheck it with United? TIA.
You should be fine as long as the American flight is not too late. However, American will come into Terminal A and United will go out of Terminal C or possibly B. You will need to take the air train between the terminals.
Flying UA from Tampa to Halifax, NS with connection of 49 minutes in EWR. Is this enough time? Do we need to change terminals?
How much time should I allow? Do I have to re-enter security?
We plan to arrive from Edinburgh on United, arriving in Terminal B at 12:20 pm and connect to Air Canada to Toronto in Terminal A. Is 2 hours enough time? Do we still need to go through security?