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EWR Gate Connections DISCUSSION

We will be flying into this airport Terminal B, from Europe. We will need to transfer and re-check in our bags in Terminal C, for a domestic flight in the US. We will have 2 hours 45 minutes. (1) Is this enough time? (2) How do we get from B to C? Thank you for the help.
In which terminal is the Amtrak station at Liberty International Airport? How is it accessed if arriving at different terminal than the one it is located in?
can i walk from Term. A to B. will have mobility scooter and suitcase, and will be alone. time is not a problem. don't know how to navigate shuttle or airtrain alone.
Do i need to go through custom when i arrive from Austin in terminal C and have a connection flight to Stockholm from terminal B?
No. You will go through Customs when you return to the US. After taking the Air Tran (free) you will need to clear security again when you get to Terminal B.
What terminal will I need to go to flying to Dublin coming from Indy
if my plane lands at 1130 pm in concourse C1 86. My connecting flight is in concourse B XL France I first have to get my luggage and recheck it and go thru security. My flight leaves at 1:00 Am doors close at 12:30....
Whats the process connecting from Canada to Newark to Manchester England
Do you go thru passport control and security as this is still an international flight on e leaving Canada
Flying from Montreal february 24 th to Aruba
Arriving in Newark at 8h25 living for Aruba at 10h00. Do i have enough time between the 2 flight?
I'll be flying from Honolulu to Boston with a layover in Newark. is a 40 min layover enough to make a connection in Newark with to kids? I haven't flown into this airport in years so I don't remember the layout. The flight is with United.
I am arriving at Gate D19 tomorrow morning and departing at Gate C130y. I cannot find the D gates on a terminal map. What terminal are the D gates located in and are there instructions to get from D19 to C130y.