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EWR Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Do i need to go through custom when i arrive from Austin in terminal C and have a connection flight to Stockholm from terminal B?
What terminal will I need to go to flying to Dublin coming from Indy
if my plane lands at 1130 pm in concourse C1 86. My connecting flight is in concourse B XL France I first have to get my luggage and recheck it and go thru security. My flight leaves at 1:00 Am doors close at 12:30....
Whats the process connecting from Canada to Newark to Manchester England
Do you go thru passport control and security as this is still an international flight on e leaving Canada
Flying from Montreal february 24 th to Aruba
Arriving in Newark at 8h25 living for Aruba at 10h00. Do i have enough time between the 2 flight?
I'll be flying from Honolulu to Boston with a layover in Newark. is a 40 min layover enough to make a connection in Newark with to kids? I haven't flown into this airport in years so I don't remember the layout. The flight is with United.
I am arriving at Gate D19 tomorrow morning and departing at Gate C130y. I cannot find the D gates on a terminal map. What terminal are the D gates located in and are there instructions to get from D19 to C130y.
How does one get from baggage claim in terminal b to baggage claim in terminal a? Is there a covered walkway? Help!!! This is for a teen traveling alone.
I am flying manchester to newark with united airlines . I know I need to re check but I am flying with air canada on 2nd flight from a different terminal. Do I re check in the terminal I am flying from... do I really need to carry my luggage to the other terminal ?? Help please
Hi - thanks in advance!
I’m reading contradictory things about this.
Flight united from cancun to Newark and then Newark to Glasgow on Sat. All one trip with a 3 hour stopover, do we have to collect luggage and check in again at Newark?