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EWR Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Due to the Coronavirus situation and closure of the border between Canada and the United States there is still there an option to do connection in EWR on my journey from Toronto to Tel Aviv ?
Any restrictions for standby tickets?
Will we have to recheck our bags when we get to EWR? Both United flights
Need help with 12 pieces of luggage on international arrival. How can it be reserved?

If I leave from Ottawa to Newark and have 1 hour layover In Newark to go to SAN Fran, will that be enough time?
Is 2 Hr 15 Mins enough time to clear immigration & custom and catch a local US flight? Our arrival time at EWR is at 5:45 am and our next flight departs at 8:00 am.
Which terminal at Newark Airport handles the Cape Town flights?
International flights are typically out of Terminal C, but you should check with your airline directly
We will be flying into this airport Terminal B, from Europe. We will need to transfer and re-check in our bags in Terminal C, for a domestic flight in the US. We will have 2 hours 45 minutes. (1) Is this enough time? (2) How do we get from B to C? Thank you for the help.
Just done this today with 2:50 time window. Immigration took 20min, 15min waiting for bag. Walk thru exit, turn left and re-check the bag another 15min. Then take the Airtrain from B to C (runs on normal hours every 3min, 2 min travel time).
Go through TSA security, another 20min...gently walk to the gate, took me round about 1:30.

But everything went very smooth, had a lot of luck with the waiting time. But even when it´s worse, you should get this done on time.
In which terminal is the Amtrak station at Liberty International Airport? How is it accessed if arriving at different terminal than the one it is located in?
can i walk from Term. A to B. will have mobility scooter and suitcase, and will be alone. time is not a problem. don't know how to navigate shuttle or airtrain alone.
Do i need to go through custom when i arrive from Austin in terminal C and have a connection flight to Stockholm from terminal B?
No. You will go through Customs when you return to the US. After taking the Air Tran (free) you will need to clear security again when you get to Terminal B.