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ORF : Long term parking Dec 04, '18 Comments: 0

Norfolk Airport Parking

I will be flying out of ORF on Dec 29th and returning on Jan 6th. What is the availability for long term parking? Is there plenty of parking? Can I reserve a spot or is it 1st come?

ORF : Norfolk Int. Long Time parking Mar 12, '18 Comments: 2

Norfolk Airport Parking

Hello I will be flying out on 3-17-18 in the early morning after 7am and will return to Norfolk Int. on Monday 3-19-18 and I know the Airport has long term parking, but I have not flown in a while and have not used any long term parking in a long time so I just want to make sure there will be available parking when I fly out and do not have to make a reservation for it.

Also I have seen prices for $7 an $9 dollars so please give me the latest update on parking asap.

Thank You
Here is the official website:
That is the info I needed,

Thank You

ORF : Currency Exchange Oct 16, '17 Comments: 0

Norfolk Airport General Topics

Do you exchange coins?

ORF : Wheelchair Jul 17, '17 Comments: 0

Norfolk Airport Traveler Help

How to find a wheelchair when departing by American Airlines flight?