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The Cell Phone Parking Lot is free - located under one mile from the termina reached by Red Cleveland Blvd. (safely make a U-turn at intersection of Marquette Ave. / Red Cleveland Blvd. Stay in right lane for a right turn into the lot. 

Orlando Sanford Airport Parking options:  
All parking facilities can be reached from Airport Blvd, which in turn can be reached from Toll road I-417, exit 49 (Sanford Avenue). An accessible shuttle bus to/from the parking lots is available in front of the passenger terminal.  For parking map open www.orlandosanfordairport.com/parking.asp

Parking options and fees: (Parking fees include sales taxes.)
    The parking garage offers parking on levels 2-5 and has a pedestrian bridge on level 2 . From there you take the escalator or elevator to the ticketing and baggage claim of Terminal B.
Fees:  Each day $17
   The Hourly parking Lot is next to Terminal A
Fees: each 20 mins $2, up to daily max $28;
   The Long-Term parking lot:
Fees:  $14 per day
   The Economy Lot  offers free shuttle service to the terminal; schedule is determined by flight schedule
Fees:  $13 per day.
    The Overflow Lot is open at Airport's discretion - rates vary and are posted at the lot's entrance.

Payment options: 
- Sanford Airport has a self-pay parking system for both garage and parking lots:  Take your ticket with you. Prior to returning to your car, pass by the PayStation at the passenger terminal's exit, accepting cash & credit cards (Visa, Mastercard & Amerrican Express).
- pay by credit card at the exit. 

NOTE: Disabled Veterans get free parking.

Orlando Sanford Airport Parking Map

Orlando Sanford SFB airport parking map