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Oslo Gardermoen Airport ( OSL ) Terminal Map Information

Oslo Gardermoen Airport Terminal Map Overview

Oslo Gardermoen OSL Terminal Map


Layout of Gardermoen Airport, important notices, and terminal layout & details, amenities & services, including lounges:

- Currently all Norwegian airports require you to present your ticket both before entering security checkpoint and at the boarding gate. A valid ticket can be either a boarding card from check-in counter or kiosk or printed boarding card, or E-ticket (credit card) or barcode on your cellular phone.  
- Self-service Check-in kiosks: There are plenty of them in the departures hall, with some more at the Oslo train station near the Airport Express Train terminal, as well as at carpark P10 - HOWEVER, bags still need to be checked in at their respective airline counters until the new baggage system is in place. 
- Passengers arriving from non-Schengen countries can now use the EasyPass.
- Information touch screens have now been installed to find your way quickly around the terminal: two are in departures hall, one in domestic & one in international departures, one in international arrivals, and one in the arrivals hall near passenger services.
- Family-friendly innovations include the familly lane at security check, and easy-to-follow signs (a colorful plane with 2 people) at cafes, restaurants & baby-care rooms.
    International arrivals transferring to domestic flights no longer need to collect bags & re-check them in, or go through security again.

At present Oslo Gardermoen Airport has one large two-level passenger terminal with two wings: the left wing is for Domestic Departures &  Arrivals, while the right wing is for International Departures/Arrivals,  (Immigration control is near gates 46/47A).  Departure gates are located in the International Pier (to the East ) and in the Domest Pier (west).  The new 2-level North Pier (extending from the interntional terminal part northwards) will serve both domestic & international flights on separate two levels. Passengers have the option of using the new and faster WiFi access at fee, or aim for the 2-hour free WiFi offer which is slower. 
 An expanding railway station situated between Arrival & Departure Halls of the passenger terminal will complete its construction by Spring 2017. Meanwhile a small temporary station station (within the new railway station perimeter) is in service.

NOTE:  The current Terminal's construction project is completed and is partially in operation, while after extensive trial time, it will officially open in April 27, 2017 - accommodating 8M passengers annually, with new Arrival & Departure Halls, rebuilt train station, new pier & new baggage system.  Gates 28, 30, 32, 34 & 36 were closed.and the bus lounge in the International Terminal was expanded for more buses to remote aircraft.  3 new security lanes (including a family lane) and a new customs lane opened to reduce waiting time. The 'new' Arrivals & Departures Hall to the west has been integrated - adding 52,000 sq.meters of space and 34 'flexible' check-in desks. 
Note that Gate designations will change to a Letter - followed by a number:  Domestic departure gates will carry letters  A, B or C,  while international departure gates will carry letters D, E or F (non-Schengen gates carry letter F.)  Pier North will use both letters C & D. 
A 300-meter long North Pier under construction covers 63,000 sq.meters (but its length is equal to the other piers for easy reach) - also to be completed 2017 - is intended to handle both international & domestic flights on separate levels, with 17 gates (11 with airbridges).

NOTE:  The information below may change to some degree upon the official opening in 2017 of the upgraded Terminal:
- The Departures level currently houses check-in counters B/C, D/E, F/G & H, a Service Desk, SAS/Star Alliance Service, Norwegian Services, currency exchange, self-service baggage drop, vending machines, Departures Hall*, left luggage/ baggage storage, Lost & found, Police & Customs, as well as a number of shops & restaurants. The gate area which also houses some food & shops is divided by west & east piers (Concourses):
       The West Pier has domestic Gates 2 - 26, and opposite gate 20 is entrance to the temporary South Pier with gates 19A - 19H;
       The East Pier has international Gates 35 - 59 - with passport control for gates 46 - 59.
       The Temporary South Pier with eight gates 19A-19H
located south of the domestic pier, reached from it by foot bridge located opposite its gate 20.  All passengers departing from South Pier need an extra five minutes time to make it from security check to gate. The new airplane parking stands have no airbridges to the terminal - passenges need to  use the stairs down from the pier and up into the airplane. An elevator down to ground level is available at every second gate. The temporary pier has waiting areas with 60 seats at all of their eight gates,  but will only house some vending machines.  
- The Arrivals level houses currently a Domestic baggage Hall & an International baggage hall.  Customs is near the international baggage hall . The Arrivals Hall is for both Domestic & International arrivals, and offers access to buses, taxis, hotels & conference center, to the garage & short-term parking, and has escalators down to the trains.  The ticket counter for the trains is near the excalators.  Rental car counters are in the Arrivals Hall, on the West side near the railway station, and 'Rental Car Return' sign will get you to parking lot 4C; key-dropoff is at rental car counters.

Current amenities and services in the passenger terminal at Oslo Gardermoen Airport include WiFi internet access (the first 2 hours are free) available throughout the terminal, as well as food & drink and retail concessions,  duty-free shops, an Information counter in the Arrivals area (where you can also get a photocopy, send a fax or make hotel reservations). For currency exchange go to the ‘DnB NOR’ bank located in both Departures and Arrivals Halls. ATM machines offer many of the most common currencies, seven of which are next to gate 38 in International Departures. A baggage storage place is in the east end of the Arrivals hall, opposite the railway station, where you will also find the Lost & Found office.
One of the new facilities already available are new toilets with shower facilities in the domestic area after security check. 
Lounges at Oslo Gardermoen Airport:  All of the following three lounges are located on the level above the duty-free shops in the international departures area:
  - SAS Business Lounge for passengers with full-price tickets);
  - Scandinavian Lounge (for gold-card holders) and
  - OSL Lounge for non-Star Alliances airlines (Aeroflot, Air France, British, Qatar, Czech, Finnair, KLM, &TUI Fly Nordic)  with meeting rooms, work stations & internet access.