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Ottawa Airport ( YOW ) Terminal Map Information

Ottawa YOW Terminal Map


Passenger Terminal Layout of Ottawa International Airport and Formalities regarding Flight Transfers:

The passenger terminal at Ottawa International has three levels and offes an array of services & amenities:
- Level 1 is the Arrivals & Baggage Claim level, which has in the center four baggage carousels. It also houses the Police, Canada Border Services, Information & Transportation counter, and other services. 
- Level 2 is the Secured Area with Security and holdrooms, and with access to gates 15, 16 & 17 in the center, gates 14  to 1 to the left and gates 18 to 28 to the right. In the center are three baggage carousel, Rapidair counter,  Express check-in, the airline lounges, and other services.
- Level 3 houses the check-in counters for both domestic & international flights, with separate area for U.S. check-in and U.S. Customs clearance, a food court, and access to gates 1-18, observation area and other services.
NOTE:  Ottawa Airport has a new state-of-the-art baggage system.

- ICE Foreign Currency Services at YOW Airport are located (a) in the passenger terminal's level 3 -across from US Check-In counters - tel. 613-249-8571; and (b) on level 1 outside Canada Customs and Immigration - tel.  613-249-8567
- Lost/Found:  For items lost onboard your airplane, contact your airline. For Items lost inside the passenger terminal at YOW Airport - visit the Lost and Found office on level 1 - or call 613-248-2054.
- Meeting Facilities:  In addition to the Hunt Club Executive Boardroom, Ottawa International also offers five other meeting facilities. For more information call 613-248-2100.
- Lounges:
  - Macdonals-Cartier Executive Lounge - level 2
  - Canada Reception Center Lounge - level 2
  - Air Canada Maple leaf Lounge - near gate 19
  -Porter Lounge - near gate 20
- Rental Car counters are located in the Parkade, across from the passenger terminal.