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Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport Overview

Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG), one of two major Paris Airports, is the largest airports in France and one of the world’s busiest. All three Paris airports are managed by the ADP Group. With four long runways and 65.9 million passengers in 2016, the Airport is hub to Air France, Delta and EasyJet, and is served by a myriad of airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all parts of the globe.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Facts & Stats

CDG is upgrading and adding capacity for an anticipated 80 million passengers by 2020. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport will become a single terminal with a innovative, adaptable infrastructure providing a more pleasant airport experience. 

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is located within portions of several communities, near the town of Roissy - 25 km northeast of Paris and is accessible from motorway A1 via Porte de la Chapelle, or Autoroute du Nord (Exit 19).

De Gaulle Airport contact information: By landline within mainland France dial 3950; from abroad call +33 1 70 36 3950.  

24/7 contacts:  Medical Center +33 1 48 62 2800), Police (+33 1 48 62 3122), and Customs (+33 1 48 62 6285) 

Important Notices:  

  • European citizens traveling to France will again need to have either an identity card valid for foreign travel or a valid passport.
  • Multimedia spaces with iPads are available at boarding areas of Satellites 3 & 4 of Terminal 1 and in Terminal 2G.
  • Visitors, exhibitors & conference attendees will now be able to access the 'Welcome Pack'  - a full-service, multi-channel offer of welcome facilities, shuttle transfers & other services - combining the offers of Viparis, a leader in conference & trade events; by the Paris Region Tourist Board, and the Airport operator.

Five steps from check-in to boarding using technology: 

  • If traveling with handbag only: check in at home online with your airline; on Arrival at the Airport proceed directly to security control;
  • Attach baggage tag to your checked bag, then proceed to baggage drop machine (look at screens for location) using the scanner to scan your bags.
  • At E-Gates past security control - scan your  boarding pass and proceed to security control.
  • Passengers heading to a non-Schengen destination or  foreign airports, use the Passport scanner: put passport into the scanner and stand on marked spot for camera view. Remove first glasses, hat, while photo is taken.
  • At the boarding gate use the e-boarding kiosk: place boarding pass onto scanner, then proceed to board your plane

De Gaulle Airport passenger terminals include T1, T2's Satellites T2A through T2G, and T3 (there is no actual Terminal 2). 

Terminal Information

Airlines Served

Shuttle Information

International Connections: 

  • The Green Shuttle between T1 & T2 (AC connection) - 5am to midnight;
  • The Blue Shuttle serves all areas of T2 (AC connecting to 2D, 2F/2E (gate L), 2E (gate K) - 5am-11:45pm
  • The Yellow Shuttle from T2 (T2F, gate L to T2E, gate K, to T2G, - to T2F, gate L) - 5:30am-9:45pm.
  • The Red Shuttle from T2 (2G to 2E (gate M) - 5:30am-2pm

Schengen Connections:

  • The Orange Shuttle from Terminal 2F to Terminal 2G - 7am-10pm.

De Gaulle Shuttle & CDGVAL Night  Services:

  • The free N1 shuttle stops at terminals: 2A, exit 5; 2C, exit 12;  2E, exit 16; and  at PW carpark 2F,exit 2;  NCF railway station (North); & the Sheraton Hotel, Left Luggage 2D, exit 6.  It runs every 7 min, 4am-7:30am; every 8 min, 7:30am-1:30am; every 15 min, 1:30am-4am.
  • The free N2 shuttle stops at terminals 2F, exit 2;  2E (between 2F & 2E it stops only  9:30pm to 11:00pm, taking 5 mins.);  at 2G in front of the terminal.  It runs at 2F & 2G 5:30am-11pm and takes 15 minutes.
  • The CDGVAL automated Metro stops at all of the terminals. Night stop 1:00am to 4:00am, with shuttle service stations outside of each terminal. 

Airport Recent News

  • 'Airports de Paris' announced an ambitious project to replace the current European Number 1 status held by London Heathrow Airport by year 2020 - by means of a EUR 3.1B investment  - with the following projects:
    • Upgrading facilities (renovation of T2B & T2D; track rehabilitation & aeronautical.
    • Creating a connecting building between T2B & T2D;  merging international satellite T1 in Roissy.
    • Improving transport to/from Paris via rapid rail link 'CDG-Express' by 2023 (a few months prior to the official opening of the Paris 2023 Olympic games). The CDG Express rail project is currently approaching bidding process. Once the bidder had been chosen, preparatory work can begin.  Upon official opening, it will run daily every 15 minutes, 5am-midnight - to/from the Gare de l'Est railway station at Paris city center.


Orly sud 103

Roissy, 94396



Phone: +33 1 70 36 3950 - inside France: 3950

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