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Paris de Gaulle Airport CDG

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Banking/ATM Services at Paris de Gaulle CDG Airport

HSBC banks Established in the Paris airports for over ten years, HSBC manages a group of 25 cash dispensers and, in its branches, offers passengers:

•  facilities for taking out cash. 
•  help and support services. Paris-Charles de Gaulle  Terminal  2D-2F  
Public area - TGV Station 
Branch located in the shopping area of the exchange module of the TGV/RER,  between terminals D and F.
Open Monday to Friday, 
From 08:45 to 17:00
Tel : +33 (0) 1 48 62 33 99
Fax : +33 (0) 1 48 16 53 83    

Currency Exchange at Paris de Gaulle CDG Airport

Travelex Foreign Currency Exchanges at de Gaulle Airport also handle VAT refund, international money transfers, cell phone cards, and more.  business hours differ slightly between locations.
At T1: on Arrivals level; at pre-security of Departures; after passport control, Arrivals; and & at pre-security of Arrivals
At T2A:
at pre-security, door 5; & beyond passport control
At T2C:
at pre-security, departures, near door 5; and  beyond passport control at departures, near boarding gates.
At T2D:
at pre-security, near door 6
At T2E:
beyond passport control, departures, boarding lounge entrance and at S3 central level 'La Galerie Parisienne'; at pre-security at departures, and pre-security at arrivals between TE & 2F.
At T2F:
at pre-security arrivals near door 11;  beyond passport control 2F1 Schengen area; bond passport control, pre-security departures.
At T3:
at bonded area, departures.