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We are first time international travelers (family of 5) traveling from Chicago to marseille w a 1:50 layover in CDG. We arrive at 8:05 am and depart terminal 2F at 9:55.... booked through KLM but delta is partner out of Chicago.... is this enough time? What all will we have to do? Just passport clearance? I'm panicked.....
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Hey there! Any advice would be greatly appreciated with this. I have a flight from Seoul to Dublin with a connection in CDG. The luggage will be transferred by the airport staff as the airlines are connected. I haven't booked the flight yet so I'm not sure about the terminals. I have approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes between my arrival in Paris and the departure for Dublin. I know it's dependent on the terminals but do you think that is enough time between flights? Thanks in advance!
If both flights are on Air France or the same reservation Korean Air to Air France that should be enough time.
Thanks so much for your reply! The flight to Paris is with Air France and the flight to Dublin is with City Jet. The entire trip is booked under 1 ticket. Do you still think I have enough time?
I just got word from Air France and my flight arrives in terminal 2E and the City Jet flight to Dublin departs from the same terminal. I'm guessing I'm in the clear to catch that flight then?
i arrive and fly out of terminal 2e 6 hour stop over will i be allowed to access a lounge in terminal 1 after passport control but before international police check point
Terminal 1 is on the complete other side of the airport. No you won't be allowed access to Terminal 1 without a boarding pass departing there.
My flight from Singapore arrives at 6.10am in Paris. I need to take a train out from CDG after my flight. I am planning to take the train from the CDG TGV station. Will 2hrs 50mins be enough to get through Customs/Passport Control and make it for the 8.59am train trip?
Yes, that should be enough time.
Hello, I arrive into CDG from Bordeaux, France (Terminal 2F) at 7.30am and my next flight leaves to Singapore at 11am (Terminal 1) I need to collect my bags from the Bordeaux flight and re-check them into the next Singapore flight. Will 3.5 hours be enough time? Manythanks :)
Yes, that should be enough time.
Hello! I am traveling on December 3, 2016. I have a flight from LHR on British Airways landing at 11:15 at Terminal 2A at CDG, then have to transfer to Terminal 1 back to the U.S. (U.S. citizen) on Norwegian Air. My departure to the U.S. is at 3:10pm, giving me 3 hours and 55 minutes. After reading the comments, I realize that I have to go through passport control and immigration before collecting my bags, taking transport to terminal 1 before checking in again and passing through security. I have two questions. (1) Is this a reasonable time if I have to check in bags? (2) If I decide not to check in bags and have a carry on only, would I still need to go through passport control and immigration or can I go straight to terminal 1? I would really appreciate your advice!
That should be enough time. Yes, you will still have to go through passport control if you didn't check bags.

I have the option to connect in CDG on a BKK (Thai) to IAD (United) itinerary. Both are in T1. 5 hour connection so I'm sure plenty of time. Will I have to go through passport control? If not, will I be able to access the Star Alliance lounge? Is there a decent array of shops as well, including Laduree or any good patisseries I can go to?
You should not have to go through passport control. There are some shops in the transit area of Terminal 1, but not many, it is an older terminal.
Would I have enough time connecting with different tickets on different airlines if i arrive at CDG from LHR at 9am and have a flight to FRA at 1030am? What is my best chance of making it if the ticket is already booked?
What airlines? Do you have checked bags?
Ok I missed it. The line line at immigration before collecting my bags took almost 2 hours to clear. Not to mention terminal transfers etc.
I am from the USA flying on Wow airlines from Iceland to Paris CDG arriving at 11:20am. I only have a carry on bag no checked luggage and chose a seat at the front of the plane. Do you think I will have enough time to transfer and make my AirFrance flight departing to Montpellier France at 12:45pm? Do I need to clear passport control since my final destination is in France?

Thank you in advance.
Yes, you will go through Schengen entry passport control in Paris. You have just enough time if everything goes perfectly. Check in for your Air France flight online before leaving the US.
I will be doing that and I am happy to hear that I know it is going to be close but, I am going to make this work out hopefully. Is the train usually fast between terminals ?
The CDGVAL is OK, it runs pretty frequently, but the terminals are a bit far from each other.
I'll Have to put a moderate jog on and make up some lost time.
Wanted to let you know I made it with about 25 minutes to spare before boarding thank you I ran but then realized I had plenty of time I did get through the faster line for security because I showed them when my flight took off
Hi, I'm Korean.i just booked flight from Rome through CDG to Korea. My flight from Rome to cdg will be arrived at 12:25 at 2F terminal. I checked it usually took off around 12:35. The flight to Korea will be departed at 2E terminal at 13:30 and i have to go through passport control. Also, if the flight will take off at 2E M gate, I should take the shuttle bus from 2E L gate to M gate. I've heard boarding time in Cdg is 20min before departure. Is 1hr enough to transfer from 2F to 2E M gate and passport control?? Thx, in advance.
all of my flights are Air France.
It should be enough time if the flight from Rome is on-time.
That's a relief. Thank tot for such a prompt reply.