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My husband and I are traveling to the US with Air France in company of our senior dog who will be in the cargo. During our 4 hour layover, we are requested by the airline to claim our pet and check him back in. Do I need to issue a Shengaen visa to do so, as I am a Lebanese passport holder?
We are flying into the international terminal at Paris and have 1 hr 20 minutes to make our connection in another terminal G. We understand we have to catch a tram in F and leave security and reenter security at G. Do people have issues with this transit and having enough time. We travel Air France and have them helping us with wheel chair. Would this help and speed us up through the different terminals and security sites? Thanks you Paul
Every terminal in Paris is an "international terminal". You're going to have to be more specific about what airline you are flying and where you are flying from and to
I am traveling from Madrid to Paris CDG my destination is Paris with only one handbag (my personal luggage).

1. Is there any security check or Passport control ?

2. How can I reach champs Elysees from Airport ?
1. No
2. RER A train.
Hello and thank you in advance for your help. I am transporting 3 big dogs from Bucharest to the US. I will have to check them in again in CDG. Our layover is 4 hr. Is there enough time? Is CDG dog friendly? Does terminal 2E has any exit outside for potty breaks before the long flight? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
Hello. I'm flying from China to the USA on Air France with a 2.5hr layover in Paris at CDG. We are traveling with three dogs (pets) in the cargo hold as excess baggage. At layover in CDG, Air France requires us to claim our pets and check them in on the next flight. Although we aren't changing airlines and our layover is under 3 hours, we will still need to go through customs. Will we need to meet all EU customs requirements for our dogs? I can't find a clear answer on this and I also can't get ahold of anyone from CDG customs.

We're flying USA to CDG with 2 hour layover until flying to Morocco. Do we clear customs/immigration at CDG? Will we have enough time? Thank you.
What airline? Is it one reservation or two separate reservations?
Thank you for your follow-up questions. It's Air France, once reservation.
Arriving at CDG On Delta from US. I am US citizen.Delta is giving me 1 hour 10 minutes to catch Air France connection to Casablanca, Morocco. Is that enough time? Do I have to thru a passport control?
All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Bonjour-I am arriving at CDG on Air France flight Sat. 7/1 at 7:45. Is there an approximate amount of time to clear immigration? I am catching a train from Gare de Lyon at 11:23.

Thank you!
I'm flying on United into CDG but my sister is flying on American. She arrives two hours ahead of me. Where is a good place to meet at the airport?

I fly from SFO to Paris,have a 12 hour layover, then to Johannesburg, all on AirFrance. American Citizen and US Passport. Can I LEAVE THE AIRPORT?
If I leave CDG , Will I have to go through customs with my suitcase or can it be checked all the way through from SFO to Johannesburg . How much time before departure to Johannesburg should I get back to CDG?

I will be departing CDG for Johannesburg, from Terminal A at 11:30pm