Philadelphia Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

If you need to pick up a passenger at Philadelphia Airport, you may want to use the free Cell Phone Lot which is accessible via the Arrivals Ramp from I-95, and from Route 291 - past the Terminal A/B parking garage, off Garage Entrance Road - and its exit  leads directly to the baggage claim (when entering the Airport on Arriving Flights roadway, follow Cell Phone signs.  Stay with your car until your party has collected luggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb. You can also use the fee-based short-term parking option at all parking garages.

- If the pedestrian bridge of Terminal F Parking Garage is CLOSED - use instead Terminal E Parking Garage (with pedestrian bridge access to baggage claim D/E (baggage claim of Terminal F was relocated to D/E).  Signs will guide you. 
- Frequent Southwest flyers out of PHL using either Terminals A or F, may want to consider parking above level 3 of garages C or D, then go to the new TSA checkpoint, which has a separate Southwest Business Select line.
- Hybrid & Electric Car Charging Stations:  7 charging stations are able to charge 14 electric vehicles around-the-clock:  Two on level 1 of Garage C; 2 on level 1 of Garage D and 3 n te Ecnomy Lot next to the airport toll plaza. 
- Wawa's covenience store & gas station is on Bartram Avenue (adjacent to the Airport's employee parking lot at 84th Street & Bartram Avenue).

Other Parking options & fees at Philadelphia International:
There are five parking garages opposite the passenger terminals (Garages A-East and Garage B share one building):  Height restriction in the Garages is under 6 feet; vehicles above 6 feet need to be parked at the Economy Lot.. 
- Garage A West connects with the International Arrivals Hall, Customs Hall, and withTA-West Ticketing;
- Garage A East-B connects with the Baggage Claim of TA-East and wih ticketing at TA-East; 
- Garage C connects to Baggage Claim B/C & to Terminal B/C Ticketing, food court & shops.
- Garage D connects to Baggage Claim D/E and to TD Ticketing; 
- Garage E-F also connects to Baggage Claim D/E and Terminal E Ticketing, and via a bridge to Terminal F ticketing.
- Economy Remote Lot past Terminal F at 4400 Island Avenue is accessible by blue/white shuttles available 24/7. The Lot can either be reached from Airport Depatures Road (take first exit & follow signs) - or - at intersection of Island /Penrose Avenues (from I-95 North, take Exit 13 to 291 West, bear left, then follow thru to the first traffic light;  - or - from I-95 South, take Exit 15 and turn left at the first traffic light). 

Parking Fees:
   Garage Short-term parking (on ground level of Garages A through F - best for up to 3.5hrs.).
Fees:  first half hr $4; 1 hr $6, 1.5 hrs $8, up to: 2 hrs $10, 2.5 hrs $12;  3 hrs $15; 3.5 hr $17; 4 hrs $24; up to 24 hrs $44;
    Garage Daily  parking: (on upper level of Garages A - F - best for 3.5 hrs & over): 
Fees: First half hour $4, each half hour thereafter an add'l $2, up to 2 hrs $10; up to 2.5 hrs. $12, to 3 hrs. $15, 3.5 hrs $17; up to 24 hrs $24.
   Remote Economy Lot located past Terminal F -  served by blue & white shuttle buses 24/7.
Fees:  A flat daily rate of $11 applies.

For assistance call 215-683-9842 or e-mail:  [email protected]
For more parking information, call the Parking Authority at  215-683-9840 or visit:

Philadelphia ( PHL ) Airport Parking Map

Philadelphia PHL airport parking map

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