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PHL Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Arriving PHL from BUF on American Airlines 4806 at 10:30 a.m. and departing PHL at 11:51 to MHT. Will arrival and departure gates be close?
How long does it take to get from terminal C to terminal A
hi i likes to no the times arrives f5 and i have 40 minutes to takes my flight terminal b (b4)by walk
How long to get from terminal F to the A gates?
We're not too well traveled. We are taking Japan flight 7433 to Chicago and then on to Tokyo. I believe we check in at American. However I don't know if we go to international departures or domestic?????
if it is an american codeshare flight (partner) you just need to check the FLIGHT STATUS on the american website - that will tell you exactly what terminal/gate you are departing from. Gates tend to change, and sometimes even terminals, so its best to check.
distance to qatar airways gates from aa gates? arriving flight aa809 taking flight qr728 is 20 minutes enough time to make connections? our date for this is dec. 4th.
How long will it take to get from an American domestic flight from Atlanta to an international flight to Prague?
Can someone please tell me the fastest way to get from terminal A to F so we can make our connecting flight. Thank you!
There is a free shuttle that takes about 6 minutes. There are videos of it online. I haven't done it yet. Wish me luck.
I come into terminal F Gate 34 and leave from Terminal C21. what is the distance?
coming in to Gate F34 and leaving gate C21. How far is it