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PHL Gate Connections DISCUSSION

good afternoon
I was wondering if 40 minutes is enough time to get my connecting flight from Stewart to Nashville.
my connecting flight is gate F. I am nervous I will miss my flight. any suggestions.?
Why should I bother with this page? answers are posted.
Hi there
I'm flying back to Europe tomorrow evening . How shutdown impacts TSA work and security checks ?
How long does it take to get from terminal A to F?
Hi, I'm flying into philadelphia from London (LHR) on 10th January arriving at 1.40pm into Terminal A . I'm getting connection flight to Cleveland (CLE) at 3.40pm flight number AA1667, which terminal does this flight go from? Many thanks for your help.
arriving from IAH on AA and connecting to American Eagle flight to SBY. from checking daily flight status it could be getting from Term C to Term F. is the AA terminal shuttle dependly frequent?
Hi, I'm travelling from London to Laguardia within 11 days connecting through PHL. Now I'm wondering of I will have to clear customs at PHL while connecting from A West to terminal C or that customs will be at LGA. Both flights are sold as a connecting flight by American with 2h07 connecting time in PHL
Do I have enough time to make my international connection flight? Arrives in PHL at 5:30. Departs for Italy at 6:30. Both AA.
Does anyone know where the American Airlines main customer service desk is at PHL? Do they have one in each terminal?
Arriving from BWI at 8:09pm and leaving for LIS at 9:20pm. How much time do I need for connecting? will I make it and do I take a shuttle?