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PHL Gate Connections DISCUSSION

1. How long to get from F to C?
2. Can I stay in the secure area as I go from F to C ?
how long does it take to get from terminal F to terminal A using the shuttlebus?
Hi, how can I get from terminal F to terminal A to my connectiing flight. Thanks

I have connecting international flight to India .I landed at terminal F and reached terminal A.Do I need to have security check done again ? I have security check done at origin location st.louis airport
Is 1:55 enough time to make an international connection from Athens to Phoenix? Same ticket, checked bag. This would be in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of September. Thank you
I arrive in PHL from Rome AA719 Term A @4:00p. Need to do customs & get DL1661 in Term D @6:06p. Do I have enough time to go through customs and catch my flight to DL1661? I have seen the Rome to PHL flight sometimes gets in late around 4:30 or 4:40.
I am flying from Cleveland to Philadelphiia to Providence RI. I have a 45 minute layover in Philadelphia before taking off for Providence. Not sure what gates I will be arriving at or departing from but even if they are at total opposite gates, will I have enough time
I will be walking from terminal C20 to termInal A2. How many minutes will it take.
i arrive on AA - Piedmont Airlines - small plane . I arrive at 745pm
Then connect on AA to Paris. that flight departs at this enough connecting time?
Looks like a large airport
Can I be dropped off at Terminal F, go through security, etc. all in same place. I have a one way ticket, leaving cruise ship in NJ and flying from PHL to Salisbury, MD.