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Flying from Myrtle beach back to Heathrow in 9days with connecting flight in Philadelphia,do I need to re-check my luggage or will it go straight through to the plane.
I will be arriving from Cancun Mexico and connecting to flight to ottawa Canada do I have to collect my baggage and rebook my baggage in again
How long does it take to get from C19 to A25? I have 37 minutes.
How long does it take to get from C25 to A21?
Is there a wheel chair or motorized cart available to go from C20 to A 8. Only50 minutes between flights.

we will be arriving on Terminal A with an international flight and want to go on with United to SFO. I assume we will have to do the immigration, do we have to get the luggage also? How long does it take to transfer from Terminal A to D and how is it done best? By walk/train/shuttle?

Arriving from Manchester uk flying on to Chicago. Do I have to go through passport control in PHL or wait until Chicago
How long does it take to transfer from terminal O to terminal A?
Looks like we will be arriving from CHS on F28 to B10 (or at least Terminal F to Terminal B) - heading to Portland Maine. Do we take the Bus, the "train"? or walk/run it? Can we make it in 30 minutes?
Arriving on F27 to leave 51 minutes later out of A7 to Turk (international) early Saturday AM (7/28). Is that enough time? Is there a bus and a shuttle? Which is better? Is walking an option?