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we've got about 30 minutes, is it do-able?
If we arrive terminal F, are in the back of the plane, literally last seats, with carry on, and have a 49 minute layover - will we make it the farthest point terminal A?? Not leaving until August but I don't think it's enough time.
Firstly, having to connect between those gates is very unlikely. Secondly, if your flight is on-time, it would still be enough time.
How do you transfer from Terminal A to Terminal F and how long does it take?

15-20 minutes.
How long does it take and do you have to get a shuttle? We only have 30 mins between flights. Thank you. Our flight is on Saturday, June 9th.
You can walk in 5-10 minutes.
My flight in to Philadelphia is arriving late today in terninal c. I need to connect to A21 for an international flight. Do I have to leave the terminal and go through security again. and how long is the walk from c to a
You just have to walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. It will take about 10 minutes.
transferring from terminal A arriving from Buda pest and transferring to a flight to Boston how to give the baggage after customs to the airline
If it's all one reservation 90-120 minutes is sufficient.
I am flying AA from Manchester UK to PHL then onward with AA to Houston Tx. My International flight arrives in Terminal A and from what I can see.. the domestic AA flight to Houston also leaves from Terminal A..which surprised me. I know that I will have to clear Immigration, collect bags, clear customs and re- check bag to Houston , ... maybe security ? then find my Houston gate. I have a long layover so not worried about time, just wondering if this is a fairly straightforward process. Any advice or experiences much appreciated. Thanks
Yes, after you clear customs and re-check your bag you will go through security. Yes, you should have enough time.
But do you recheck your bags just after customs or do you have to drag them all the way to the next terminal? Coming in at F and flying domestically on in A?
arriving in terminal F at 20.19 from Ithaca. departing terminal A for Shannon at 21.20 do I have time to make this connection , would walking between terminals be ok
Yes, that should be enough time if the first flight is on-time. Yes, you can walk or take the shuttle.
I need to know where I am going and if I have the time to get there since I do not know the airport. Do I need to change terminals?
Thank you so much.
You posted no information about where you're coming from, going to, or what airline you are on, so nobody can help you.
Hi Thr,

Am flying from Dayton(Day) to Doha on July 6th.I have a flight in Dayton at 5:30 pm - 7:19 pm with AA and my next Doha (Qatar) flight is at 8:55 pm so in between I have only 1:36 mins layover time. Will this be enough to catch my flight. Also do I need to recheck in my baggage in Philadelphia..? Am new this way and worried to. Pleas help me .. Thanks