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PHL Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I am flying from Cleveland to Philadelphiia to Providence RI. I have a 45 minute layover in Philadelphia before taking off for Providence. Not sure what gates I will be arriving at or departing from but even if they are at total opposite gates, will I have enough time
I will be walking from terminal C20 to termInal A2. How many minutes will it take.
i arrive on AA - Piedmont Airlines - small plane . I arrive at 745pm
Then connect on AA to Paris. that flight departs at this enough connecting time?
Looks like a large airport
Can I be dropped off at Terminal F, go through security, etc. all in same place. I have a one way ticket, leaving cruise ship in NJ and flying from PHL to Salisbury, MD.
Arriving to phl 5/3 8:34 pm flight 4994 A. Eagle from Ithaca NY. Then 9:30 pm AA to Lisbon (LIS) Flight 258.
Which terminal will I arrive at?
2. Which I fly out of
3. Where do I take the shuttle from
Thank You!
Do you need to go though another check point when going from gate F to gate A to a connecting flight? Also, getting to that gate is 20 minutes enough time?
On 4/25 I will be taking Flight#4933 at 2:12pm. Which terminal does this flight fly from?
I have two flights booked separately (not connecting) and need to move luggage from Term F to Terminal A. i.e., picking up luggage at AA (Eagle) and checking in at Term A (AA International). How do I get some kind of shuttle?
I have a 40 minute layer and need to get from terminal F to terminal B. Will I make it?
I have the same question but not sure what terminal.
I am going to check a piece of luggage to DCA from ERI I land at terminal F and Fly to DCA from Terminal B do I have to get my luggage at terminal F or will it be taken or will it be taken to terminal B for my flight to DCA