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PHL Gate Connections DISCUSSION

i lost an Ipad at Terminal A8 on 3/1 & have called numerous times. I was able to get through 1x, have left messages, no response. Apple reported Ipad is in PHL, assuming someone left it at lost & found.
tried to filed claim but want $37.& I don't know for what? Need to talk to a person for answer.
Making tight connection from mainline AA to Eagle/Republic with cat carrier and have 1 hour to do so. Need to know if I need to put my running shoes on. Thank you
I read on other travel sites that for example going from Terminal A to terminal F, you can walk inside security; BUT then they also say that at terminal F you need to go through TSA again. Is that still true or are those other sites outdated ? Thanks.
Is there a shuttle that goes directly between terminal C and terminal A East?
We are arriving into Philly from Dayton Ohio at Gate F and 1 hour to get to our fight to Dublin at Gate A. Is there a shuttle between these gates?
65 minute layover from Terminal F to Terminal A. Everyone on party can walk quickly, safer to walk or take the shuttle? How long is the brisk walk?
It will be about the same amount of time either way. Walking is better for you :)
Arriving at terminal F and connecting out of terminal C. How much time will that take. I have 40 minutes. How do I do it, shuttle, walk?
How long does it take to walk from Terminal D to Terminal F? Do I have to exit and go thru security again?
i am travelling from charlotte to chennai (india) through Philadelphia.

Do I need to go to security check again in Philadelphia

Can any one please confirm

I am arriving in Philadelphia at terminal A and my flight to Doha is at terminal A
We are coming from Denver on American, landing in Terminal A. We will depart Terminal on American Eagle to Quebec City, Canada. How does one get from Terminal A to Terminal F? I have tried using the Terminal connector and it says it "Failed".