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I am due to arrive in Philadephia from the UK on Flight BA0067 on 17 November. I have just under 3 hours before my connecting flight with American Airlines (AA0575) to Providence. Can I walk to the appropriate terminal for my flight to Providence and will I have enough time to collect my bag, clear customs and check in again on my connecting flight? From which terminal will my flight to Providence depart?
Yes, that is enough time. You will depart from Terminal A, B, or C. Yes, you can walk between all gates.
Thank you!
I have three hours connection time and I need to know departure gate of flight AA 4576 departing for Columbus Ohio Nov 20 and best rendezvous point nearby with a person coming from outside. Thanks
You can find out your departure gate from the day of your flight.
How long does it take to clear immigration checks at PHL? Arriving from LHR. Is it possible to make to connecting domestic flight with a gap of 2 hrs 35 mins.
If everything is on the same reservation that should be a good amount of time. if it's two separate reservations it's barely enough time.
I have an hour connection to get from F to A. What's TV best way to get there? Thanks!
Take the shuttle bus. You should have enough time.
My son (he’s 21) only has 30 minutes for a connecting flight. He arrives at Terminal C and is departing from terminal A..gate A6. Looking at the terminal lay out it looks doable. Any suggestions?
It's possible but it leaves no time to spare if the first flight is delayed.
Thank you for your response. He is already in-route and “on time”.
Where will #4578 unload its passengers 11/11/17?
Have only 1:45 minutes to clear customs, recheck bags and get to domestic flight. We are Global entry and business class so hopefully clear faster .. Enough time or should take later connection to allow for 3 hour layover?
Yes, that should be enough time with Global Entry flying Business Class.
Thanks for your info...
Will be flying Qatar Airways from Doha to Philadelphia with connecting American Airlines flight to Kansas City. Layover of about 2 hours. Which terminal should I go to after clearing immigration and customs and do I have enough time? Thanks.
Your departure gate will be in Terminal A, B, or C. You will find out the exact gate the day of your flight. You can walk between all terminals. You should have enough time.
what terminal is flight AA5243 arriving in
what terminal is flight AA2113 leaving from
You likely arrive in Terminal F. You likely depart from Terminal B or C.
Have a flight landing at 10:07 at gate B11 and next flight at 11:05 at F15. Is it better to walk or take the bus to the f gates?
I would walk. You should have enough time.
ZAP, I have the reverse issue, arriving at F terminal and departing B terminal. Can you describe or point to a URL what the actual "walk" path is between the two terminals (B and F)?
Just follow signs when you get there. Unfortunately all the maps online sort of suck.
ZAP, yes, I agree. I had to dig deep into the text of the PHL web site and then use Google Maps in satellite mode to visualize the connecting walkway between F terminal and the main terminal section. Thank you for replying, though. Glad to know signs will be there.