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PIT : Need help to Southwest gate Oct 01, '18 Comments: 0

Pittsburgh Airport Traveler Help

My friend and I are traveling Southwest to Albuquerque. We need a motorized vehicle to take us there.

PIT : Porter service for my elderly father-in-law Jun 07, '18 Comments: 1

Pittsburgh Airport Traveler Help

My father in law has developed an issue with his leg that prevents him from walking more than 20 yards or so.. How can I arrange porter service for him at the airport? He has already booked his flight without making porter arrangements. He will be flying into Pittsburgh on a commuter (Southern Airways express, flight # 9X0751 which arrives in Pittsburgh at 9:10 am on June 20th. He will then fly from Pittsburgh to Charlotte on American Airlines #1926, which leaves Pittsburgh June 20th at 201 pm.

I don't know how far the gates in the Pittsburgh airport will be, and I need to know how he can get assistance from the Southern Airways Express gate to the American Airlines gate. Any assistance you can provide is appreciated.


Jeff Ream
The gates are not far. You will have to call American to request wheelchair service and tell them that he'll be arriving at the Southern Airways Express gate.

PIT : Can EZ pass be used to pay for long term parking? May 23, '18 Comments: 0

Pittsburgh Airport Parking

Can I use EZ pass to pay for long term parking?

PIT : Catholic Masses at PIT airport chapel May 20, '18 Comments: 0

Pittsburgh Airport Traveler Help

Are there any weekend Masses scheduled at PIT airport chapel? Any on Saturdays?

PIT : Security line when traveling with children Apr 16, '18 Comments: 1

Pittsburgh Airport General Topics

We were pulled out of the main line last year and, I'm assuming b/c we were traveling with a 2yo, put into a much shorter TSA line. Does PIT have checkpoint specifically for families or do you just have to hope someone takes pity on you traveling with little little kids :-)
PIT has multiple checkpoints and generally very short security lines. I suggest following signs to the "alternate" checkpoint which is probably where you were directed to last year.

PIT : Penn Brewery Mar 15, '18 Comments: 1

Pittsburgh Airport Food, Shops, Services

Hello. Is there a Penn Brewery at the Pittsburgh International Airport?
No, I don't see one listed nor do I recall one last time I was there.

PIT : GoFastPass first time use Feb 06, '18 Comments: 0

Pittsburgh Airport Parking

I signed up today for the Go-Fast Pass and also have a PA Turnpike EZ Pass. I successfully registered for GoFastPass and was provided with a printable document containing a bar code with the instructions to bring the document to the Grant Oliver Parking office located on left side of the Main Exit Plaza to register my EZ PASS tag. What I am unclear on is do I take a parking ticket when I enter the lot upon arrival to the airport/parking lot or do I go through the Fast Pass lane?

PIT : When does TSA open Feb 02, '18 Comments: 1

Pittsburgh Airport Traveler Help

Our flight is at 530am... when does security check open.
it opens at 4 AM.

PIT : Alt TSA location Feb 01, '18 Comments: 1

Pittsburgh Airport Traveler Help

Our flight leaves very early. Only alt site is open. Where is it located in airport?
Personnel will direct you there. Basically, you walk across the street from the check in counters and there it is, There are also plenty of signs.

PIT : Parking fee's Jan 25, '18 Comments: 0

Pittsburgh Airport Parking

For extended parking it says the price per day is $8.00 are there fee's and taxes on top of that?