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PIT : Alternate TSA Jul 07, '19 Comments: 0

Pittsburgh Airport Gate Connections

What is the name of the the Alternate TSA?

PIT : Bar near southwest terminal Jun 24, '19 Comments: 0

Pittsburgh Airport Food, Shops, Services

Flying in about a week and am looking to see what the closest place to get a beer near
the Southwest gates? I know they have a couple craft beer places close and Penn brewery but

PIT : extended Parking Apr 08, '19 Comments: 0

Pittsburgh Airport Parking

Are there any additional fees and taxes on the $8 a day extended parking fee?

PIT : blind person needs assistance from baggage claim to airport exit. Feb 23, '19 Comments: 0

Pittsburgh Airport Traveler Help

A blind woman is coming into Pittsburgh and has arranged to be taken to baggage claim. Can someone escort her from baggage claim to the exist where there will be a car waiting for her. I don't believe the driver can leave their car parked in pickup to go in and get her. any thoughts? Thank you.

PIT : Need help to Southwest gate Oct 01, '18 Comments: 0

Pittsburgh Airport Traveler Help

My friend and I are traveling Southwest to Albuquerque. We need a motorized vehicle to take us there.

PIT : Can EZ pass be used to pay for long term parking? May 23, '18 Comments: 0

Pittsburgh Airport Parking

Can I use EZ pass to pay for long term parking?

PIT : Catholic Masses at PIT airport chapel May 20, '18 Comments: 0

Pittsburgh Airport Traveler Help

Are there any weekend Masses scheduled at PIT airport chapel? Any on Saturdays?

PIT : Security line when traveling with children Apr 16, '18 Comments: 1

Pittsburgh Airport General Topics

We were pulled out of the main line last year and, I'm assuming b/c we were traveling with a 2yo, put into a much shorter TSA line. Does PIT have checkpoint specifically for families or do you just have to hope someone takes pity on you traveling with little little kids :-)
PIT has multiple checkpoints and generally very short security lines. I suggest following signs to the "alternate" checkpoint which is probably where you were directed to last year.

PIT : Penn Brewery Mar 15, '18 Comments: 1

Pittsburgh Airport Food, Shops, Services

Hello. Is there a Penn Brewery at the Pittsburgh International Airport?
No, I don't see one listed nor do I recall one last time I was there.

PIT : When does TSA open Feb 02, '18 Comments: 1

Pittsburgh Airport Traveler Help

Our flight is at 530am... when does security check open.
it opens at 4 AM.