Preparing to Fly with Kids

Preparation Tips When Fly With Kids

You may feel stressful when traveling with kids as you need to keep track of all their clothing, snacks, as well as energy levels. Sometimes you may also feel like a full-time job instead of a vacation when it comes to preparing things for kids before flying.

But when you work smartly and do proper planning of your child's outfit before the day of your flight can make your kid's journey comfortable. In this article, we are discussing what your kids can wear on the day of travel and what things you must carry with you.

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Travel Wears Tips for Babies

Given below are some helpful travels wear tips that you must try when flying with toddlers

  • Dress baby in comfortable clothes

You may feel that it is obvious; you put on comfortable clothes all the time. But try to avoid frilly and fancy clothes during flying as it makes your toddler uncomfortable.

Comfort is the key to have a smooth journey with your child, so you can bring pajamas for your child that is easy for your child to carry. Moreover, you can also easily handle it while changing a diaper in a confined airplane bathroom.

Pick the right layers of the clothes according to the weather conditions prevailing at that time. The first layer that your children wear needs to be the most comfortable one as they have to sleep in those clothes only.

  • Bring socks

Planes can be cool sometimes, so never forget to bring a pair of socks for your child. Socks can help to keep the toes warm and offer a sound sleep as well.

  • Bring a hat too

When your baby is very young, you can also bring a stretchable hat; the main idea behind it is the same as bringing socks.

  • Do not forget a sweater

Layers are good for babies on board, so pick a soft as well as long sleeve sweater to give extra warmness if they need it.

  • Blankets

You can also pack one small size blanket for your child in case they are still feeling cool and uncomfortable.

  • Clip-on that pacifier

When your baby loves to use a pacifier, do not forget to bring a strap to protect it in their clothing. It helps you to save you from a lot of trouble as you always know where it is at all times. You can also carry an extra pacifier, just in case you need it.

Travel-Wear Tips for Teenagers

Given below are some helpful travel wear tips that you must try when flying with teenagers

  • Make them wear dark colors

Try to dress your child in a black or gray t-shirt and pants as they are a perfect travel-wear because it solves multiple problems. In case your child loves to eat their own, there are chances they spoil their dresses by getting the food in their clothes. So, when wearing dark clothes, those spots are not easily visible.

  • Pick shoes that come on and off easily

Everyone who is over the age of 12 years has to remove their shoes when going through airport security. So, it is suggested to make your child wear shoes that are easy to remove and put on to avoid delays.

  • Try to avoid wearing anything too tight

Making your child wear tight clothes will make them feel uncomfortable. Moreover, if your child feels anxious about flying will even feel worse when their clothes are too tight or uncomfortable.

When flying for long hours, sweatpants and stretchable cotton leggings or pants are perfect to wear for your child.

  • Wear breathable materials

If you do not make them wear a breathable material dress, they get irritated and may create trouble for you and for the passengers sitting next to you. Try to avoid the dresses that make your child feel sweaty as well as uncomfortable in their seats.

  • Wear socks

If you want to protect the feet of your child from the germ present on the bathroom floors as well as seat cushions of the airplane, make them wear socks. It also protects them from the sudden change in the climate during the night time.

  • Put a zip-up sweater over the shirt or t-shirt

A zip-up sweater helps to keep your child warm when the temperature decreases. Moreover, you can also take it out easily when the plane gets warm.

  • Bring bibs for kids

When your child prefers to eat their own, then it is obvious that they will also create a mess. So you can carry a bib for your child that comes in very handy.

  • Pack a change of clothes for your children in the hand luggage

It is always necessary to bring an extra pair of clothes for your child while flying as they create a mess while eating and playing. Moreover, an extra pair of socks for kids is also a good idea as most of the time they wear only socks in the airplane's bathroom.

They need to change it after visiting the washrooms as they may get wet and attract germs and other bacteria. Always get a minimum of two extra pairs of clothes and socks for your child in the hand luggage.


You may feel worried when flying with your children, but it helps you out when you follow the above-discussed tips. Now you may feel more confident when getting your child ready for flying.