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Hello I'm going from high point to Raleigh in jan 2 and need to know what is the best way besides driving there thanks
exchange fee for euros
And still sitting on tarmac. What the hell is going on?
I have a 6 am JetBlue flight out of RDU on a Wednesday. What time do I need to arrive in order to check a bag and get through security?
Weekday early mornings are usually rush hours. Best to arrive 90 mins before scheduled departure. JetBlue at Terminal 2 uses gates C8 & C10.
I surely appreciate the seats in the gate areas of RDU, which have outlets for laptops and all the other gadgets.
You can rent a movie at the Redbox machines in Terminal 1, near gate A24 and in Terminal 2 near gate C7. DVD rental is $1/day.
I will need to mail our booster car seat from RDU to home (greensboro) once we drive there. What is the best way?