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I asked for help (personnel with hand truck in front of departure entrance)to bring 2 luggage inside. Maybe 10mins of her time, she demanded $10 after I checked in the baggage. I think this is too much. Please clarify.
my wifeon wheelchair, taking delta connection Flt to ny @ 6am.have to return rental car to alamo.how should I proceed.? how far is the delta departure counter? should I drop her first and then drop the car? I can,t walk long distances as well . please advise.
1. You need to contact Alamo at 804-222-7477 (or visit alamo.com) to find out if you can get a shuttle back to the terminal. 2. Make on-line reservation for your Delta flight and Delta and state that you will need Skycab assistance on arrival for both of you to get from the curb to your connecting gate. (Delta counter is on level 2 of the terminal)