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FCO Gate Connections DISCUSSION

We come into Leonardo da Vinci airport on Alitalia and leave on British airways. One of passengers needs wheel chair assistance. How do we get that since it is with two different airlines and two different terminals.
We fly from Athens to Rome on Delta (Alitalia) 6701. Then we need to pick up our luggage and re-check out bags before getting on Delta 6587 FCO to Boston. We have 1 hour 55 minutes between flights. Will we be in the same terminal and is that enough time? This is on August 8, 2019.
Arriving FCO at 1830 Lufthansa from Munich, Business Class(1st off the plane) and no checked bags. Hoping to connect with Vueling flight to Split, Croatia(SPU) at 19:30. Is this possible?
We are flying United Airlines back to the US. What terminal is that in and how close is it to the train station. We only have 1 1/2 hours until departure from the train.
We fly into ROME from LIN on Alitalia - Terminal 1. We must get to Terminal 3 baggage claim area to meet a representative from Princess Cruises and shuttle service to our hotel.
How do we get to Terminal 3's baggage area from Terminal 1 and how long will the process take?
I will be flying into Rome (FCO) on United Airlines UA042 and my friends are flying in on American Airlines AA718 arriving one hour later. Will we be coming into the same terminal? Will I see them in the baggage area?
Departing MIA on Alitalia with 6 other guests & arriving at FCO at T3.
Are Altialia flights now departing and arriving out of T1?
We have a tight 1 1/2 hr layover do we have enough time to
go through customs and security out of T1?
Luggage booked straight through from MIA to PMO.
I will be taking the train to FCO to catch a flight to the US. I will have carry on luggage. No check in luggage. If I arrive at FCO 3 hours early will this be enough time to catch my flight at 9:15am?
arriving from venice via alitalia - with flight home to chicago via United. How much time will I need at the airport to go between the two terminals?
we are flying in to Rome from the USA arriving to Terminal 3 at 7:00 am with having the carry ons only.
Will we have enough time to get to the Terminal 1 that to depart to Zurich on 8:40 am flight?