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Hi. I arrive at FCO at 1pm via ethiad airways.
And the flight to Budapest is at 2:10pm and 10:00pm via wizzair.
Is it possible not to miss a flight if I really really rush?
If it isn’t, is there place to chill for 9hours in the airport?
I’m holding iranian nationality and flying from Tehran to Mexico City via FCO by al italia and while coming back I’m visiting Italy for some days, but the Schengen visa which I’m holding is just single entry visa so I appreciate if you tell me that, do I need a separate transit visa to pass the immigration on my way to Mexico City or I don’t have to pass the immigration from terminal 3 to terminal 1 at all, and if i passed the immigration do they stamp my visa or not? as if they stamp my visa I’m not able to use it to visit Italy.
By the way, the visa which I’m holding is Category “C”.
I land at FCO from US via Alitalia at 7:30 am. I will be taking off via Alitalia to Venice at 9:00 am (as they moved my flight time). I will check my bag all the way through to Venice. Will I have enough time? What is the process I must do?
At Roma Fco. If connect from AZ Term 1 with Thai Airways International , is One Hour 40 Mins is enough for the flight . And return arrive by Thai Airways International, BKK FCO, arrives at 06H50 AM and connect by Ryanair at 07H55.One hour and 5 mins. Is this enough in the real life.
On my return trip from Moscow to Cairo, I will be transiting in Rome but will move from Terminal 3 to 1! Do I need a transit visa? I am traveling one aeroflot airlines
How long will it take to walk from Alitalia term 3 to term 1 we have an hour lay over
i’m coming from JED to AGp flight # sv201 , i will stay 50 minutes transite in FCO airport , is the transite time enough to reach the next flight ?
Arriving from Madrid in IBERia at T3 to Leonardo daVinci Airport at 11;20 and flying to Brindisi in Alitalia at T1 at 1;20. Different ticket and checked bag. I have two hours to do the change. Is it enough time?
We will be flying mid week on Delta DL1042 operated by Alitalia AZ603 from JFK arriving in FCO at 8:20 am. We depart on DL6678 operated by Alitalia AZ1617 for Bari at 9:20 am. US citizens, no carry ones, booked the flights in one transaction. Is one hour between flights enough? What terminal would we arrive in? Which terminal for departure?
I will be arriving at FCO airport from New York at terminal 3 while my departure is from Terminal 1. I am Pakistani and I know that I’ll need Schengen visa if I have to pass through passport control (exit). If the airport has international / transit area to pass through between both of the terminals then I don’t need visa but if it requires me to exit them it’s not possible for me without Schengen visa. Please share your experience of passing through T3 to T1. Thanx