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We are flying AC 892 YUL-FCO arriving 08:50, connecting to AZ 1755 FCO-CTA leaves 11:45. Separate tickets. Will this be enough time? Do we need to transfer from Terminal 3 to 1? Clear customs in 3 and wait at Alitalia checkin line at terminal 1?
Yes, that is enough time. Yes, you will arrive, go through passport control, and claim your bags in Terminal 3, then take your bags to Terminal 1, re-check them with Alitalia, and go through security.
From cairo to Moscow on alitalia. I land in rome terminal 3 and departure from terminal 1. Will i manage in an hour and 20 minutes to reach terminal 1 for my next flight? Also as it's a transit I don't need a shenghen visa am i right?
Yes, that should be just enough time. Whether or not you need a visa depends on your citizenship.
Well I'm Egyptian and rome is only a transit i have. So does this require a visa?
Egyptians can do a sterile transfer within the Schengen Area without a transit visa.
From cairo to Moscow on alitalia. I am Russian. So, do I need transit visa? Please answer me, the same question
No you don't. And the airport turned to be quite easy actually.
Thanks God. Inshaalla!
Hi there. US citizen flying from JFK to FCO. Is 1.5 hours enough time to transfer from a British Airways flight to a Ryanair flight to Malta?
We'll have to go through customs, get our luggage then check in to the Ryanair flight. If not, how much time do you think we'll need? Thank you.
No, I do not think that's enough time. I'd want 3 hours.
I will be traveling to FCO on Alitalia and connecting to a flight to FLR - how long shold we plan for the connection and will we need to clear security again?
You won't have to go through security if both flights are on the same Alitalia reservation. You just go through passport control and to your departure gate. I would want 2 hours.
I am using an Eihad airways flying bound to Algiers transiting by FCO.
As i am an Algerian citizen, do i need a transit visa?
Algerians do not need an airport transit visa for sterile airside transits of the Schengen Area.
Hi! I am a Senegal Citizen, planning to fly from Greece to Morocco via Rome. Do I need a transit visa and what is the passport control process for Senegal Citizens at Rome airport. Also to which terminal the Athens flight is landing and from which terminal Casablanca flight takes off. Thank you.
I am planning to fly with Alitalia Airlines transit for both route
Greece and Italy are both in the Schengen Area. Whatever visa you are in Greece on is valid for transiting Italy. You will arrive in Terminal 1 and depart from Terminal 3.
My problem is that I lost my passport and I got a new one from our Consulate in Athens, on my new passport I do not have a schengen visa. I could only get out of the Greece with the police report. I afraid if i will have problem at Rome when i am transiting. I dont have problem in Casablanca, I dont need visa for there. Then I will fly to Senegal. Thank you for your reply
You won't go through passport control when flying to Italy. You will just go through Schengen Exit passport control when you go to your gate for the flight to Casablanca, since you're leaving it shouldn't be an issue. They might ask what happened to your visa and just explain that you lost your passport and that this is a new one and show them the issue date that is after the computer will show you entered Greece.
Thanks for your response. I dont think they could see my entrance to the Greece, because my new passport number is different than,the one I lost. And my stupidity I do not have any copy of my lost passport anywhere, I cant find it. If I should have the copy of my lost passport, I am sure it could be easier for me. I also dont remember my lost passport number completely. I am really in trouble hope I could go to my house.
Is 1 hour 45 min enough of a connection time for flight from New York to Tel Aviv via Rome? I will be traveling with 4 children.
What airlines?
Alitalia. Both flights
Yes, that should be enough time. Just go from your arrival gate to your departure gate, both in Terminal 3.
If I take a 10:20 am Alitalia flight from Catania arriving in FCO at 11:40 am will I have time to make a 2:30 pm Alitalia flight to NY? Separate reservations and checked baggage.
Show your second confirmation to the Alitalia agent in Catania and they should check your bags through to New York. If your bags are checked through (or even if for some reason they are not), you should have enough time.
I will be flying with my family from Naples to Rome (with check in baggage) and then have a 3 hour layover in Rome before flying on to our final destination in Toronto. Both flights are with Alitalia.
1) Once arrive in Rome, do we need to pick-up our luggage and go to some international check point or are bags automatically placed onto next flight bound for Toronto?
2) Is 3 hour layover sufficient time to make our connecting flight which is probably in some international terminal to Toronto?
As we have children I just want to make sure before we book flights
Your bags will be automatically sent to Toronto. All you have to do in Rome is go through Schengen Exit Passport control and walk to your departure gate in Terminal 3. You have plenty of time.
Which terminal will our lax flight to Rome land in and which terminal will we connect with our flight to Palermo
You will arrive in Terminal 3. If your flight to Palermo is on Alitalia it will be in Terminal 1.