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where is best place to exchange us dollar for euro? airport or atm in city?
The best thing to do is buy them from bank or AAA before you leave. The second best is to use ATMs. Close third, use credit card but try to use one that doesn't charge foreign transaction fees. WORST WORST WORST: money changers (cambios) and banks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How is the passport control for arriving flights at FCO?
Arriving American Airlines from Chicago around 2PM in October.
Two years ago it was a mess!
It has changed since then; remodel. I was there in April and it was a breeze. however, it IS Italy, so lord knows what it will be like for you!
I am arriving by train at 9:52 to FCO. Do I have enough time to get to my flight that departs at 12:20, a Delta flight to Atlanta? Thanks.
I take a leonardo express that gets there 2 hours in advance and have never been late for the Atlanta flight, Even enough time to get VAT tax refunds. That has been my experience at least a dozen times.
Im arriving Terminal 3 FCO at 12.30pm from Copenhagen and departing from FCO Terminal 3 at 3.30pm for Dubai. Will 3 hours be enough time to collect bags, go through security and immigration prior to departure
Once our flight lands where in the airport do we take our dog to clear customs? Is there a particular area where her chip is scanned and paperwork reviewed?
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I have a 7hr layover in Rome. Is it possible to venture out into the city? If so, how much time should I leave on the way back to clear security (no bags as they will be checked through and already checked in) Thanks :)
My daughter is traveling on Delta airlines leaving from Detroit, Michigan USA to Rome arriving at 9:15am. Connecting flight to Florence is at 10:30am. Will she have enough time to clear immigration & customs (and I assume she will have to collect and recheck luggage)? Thank you.
That should be just enough time. She won't have to do anything with her bags in Rome if her flight to Florence is on the same reservation as the flight from Detroit.
Thank you!
We're flying out of FCO on July 3rd. The train arrives at fco at 7:30. Will that be enough time to make the flight ?
Can you suggest how much time I should allow at FCO for this itinerary?
I've heard that American check-in is now in Terminal 3 and the old process of going to T5 and then being bused back to T3 is no longer required. Is this correct?
Correct, AA check in moved to Terminal 3 in March.