Banking/ATM Services at Reagan National DCA Airport

Capital One Bank branch (tel. 1-800-987-2265, or (703) 418-3881) at National Hall, Terminal B, pre-security
ATM cash machines are available at:
    Terminal A,  Concourse Level at pre- & post-security
    Terminal B, Concourse Level, pre-security next to Capital One; at post-security at gate 15 & in connector; & at baggage level, near baggage belt 4/5;
    Terminal B/C, Concourse Level, post-security by Gate 23 and in food court;
    Terminal B/C, Baggage Level, pre-security next to Traveler’s Aid office;
    Terminal C, Concourse Level, pre-security next to foreign currency exchange office; at  post-security by Gate 35, and in food court; and at Baggage Level, pre-security, by bag belt  12.

Currency Exchange at Reagan National DCA Airport

International Currency Exchange /ICE at DCA Airport is located in National Hall on the Concourse level of Terminal C, at pre-security.
To contact ICE visit: or call (tel. 703-572-3335
ICE also provides business services, such as money wire, cash advancement,, travel insurance, telephone cards, fax, copy, and notary services.