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SMF : long term parking Sep 28, '20 Comments: 0

Sacramento Airport Parking

I tried to get update for longterm parking this weekend to see it is open. the number i called 916-874-0670 is not work that i got on sacairport website. Could you tell me if long term parking is open this weekend.Llast month, it was closed when we travel. Thank you.

SMF : Abandoned vehicle Aug 15, '20 Comments: 0

Sacramento Airport Parking

Hello do u have a list of all of the vehicles in the Sacramento airport parking lot? I think my car has been abandoned there and if I give you the license plate can u let me know?
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SMF : can i go to baggage to pick up a friend Jun 10, '20 Comments: 0

Sacramento Airport General Topics

i have a disabled friend that will have to go to baggage pick up. Will I be allowed to go to baggage claim to help her?

SMF : wheelchair pickup Apr 30, '20 Comments: 0

Sacramento Airport Traveler Help

Where do i get a wheelchair I requested on my reservation when I arrive at the airport?

SMF : R v parking Jan 30, '20 Comments: 0

Sacramento Airport Parking

Flying to Arkansas and back for a week

SMF : when do long term parking shuttles start running? Jan 28, '20 Comments: 0

Sacramento Airport Parking

We have a flight at 5:15am and need to park in long-term parking. Are the lot shuttles running all night?

SMF : Sacramento airport to Sacramento Amtrak station? Jan 18, '20 Comments: 0

Sacramento Airport Ground Transport

What is an inexpensive way to get from the Sacramento airport to the Amtrak Station downtown Sacramento? I will have 1 roll aboard suitcase and my briefcase

SMF : Curbside pickup for SW passengers Jan 11, '20 Comments: 0

Sacramento Airport Gate Connections

Can I pick up SW passengers at the same curb site where I dropped them off? I will wait in the free lot until they call me.

SMF : Joe gonzales Jan 08, '20 Comments: 0

Sacramento Airport Parking

Where can I leave my car from 01/29/20 till 02/ 20/20? How much for ghe entire time?

SMF : Pay ahead Dec 30, '19 Comments: 0

Sacramento Airport Parking

We used the new parking lot near the cell lot. Forgot to pay ahead. How do we correct our error?